A Look At K. Michelle’s Toxic Relationship History and Why She Blames Men

K. Michelle has had some pretty wild relationships. The R&B singer and reality television star has had her pick of men and used a lot of her encounters to inspire some of her more memorable hits. While she’s opened up about specifics over the years, she recently concluded that maybe men are just not nice people. Let’s take a look at her experience and see if she is right. 

Back in 2013, K. Michelle was dating NBA baller, Lance Stephenson. At the time, he was just beginning his career on the Indiana Pacers when sparks flew between him and the “VSOP” hitmaker. Right around the time the couple went public, it was revealed that he was still involved with the mother of his child. To make matters worst, he got her pregnant a second time. K. Michelle took to The Breakfast Club to talk about the split and spill the tea on Stephenson and his cheating ways. 

Michelle kept it classy and said that she and Lance were “cool” and that he was just doing what someone his age would do. At the time, he was 23 years old. “We good. I just took a step back, but we good. Like we’ve been communicating. I think it’s the age. Like, let us just be friends,” she said at the time. 

Michelle’s relationship with Memphitz was well documented as well. The pair were together early on in her career, and Michelle alleged that he used to hit her. While many stood up for Michelle and supported her, others believed the singer was lying, including some of her Love & Hip-Hop costars. Memphitz says Michelle was coached by television producers to lie about the abuse but did lose a defamation suit against Viacom, so it is unclear who is telling the truth. 

Michelle was linked to film and television star Idris Elba for a while. Unfortunately, outside of their television musical, he did not openly associate with her in public. Michelle claims he kept their love hidden and used it as the basis for her album Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart. On the song “Maybe I Should Call,” she opens up about a man who had a baby on her with someone else. Elba welcomed a child around the time the album dropped. She can also be seen dialing a London number on her phone. Michelle has gone on record to say, “that wasn’t supposed to be my man.”

Michelle is over it and recently sat down with V-103 to discuss her dating history and how she feels. Michelle says she does not think men are good people. “The center of my pain, of my life, is men. Everything I’ve gone through is lack of self-esteem and men being in the middle.” She goes on to elaborate, saying that men consider cheating small even though it is going to destroy their partner. “Just because I’m a woman, I’m supposed to accept your betrayal.” 

Michelle says that women come up to her all the time with their stories. “The wrong man will stunt your growth as a woman.” 

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