A Look At Migos Rapper Quavo’s Life Following The Passing Of His Nephew, TakeOff

It has been two months since the passing of Migos member TakeOff. His loss has sent shockwaves through the various communities he is attached too, most specifically his immediate family, which includes group member Quavo. Not only was Quavo his uncle, but he was present the evening of his passing. Let’s take a look and how the last couple of weeks have unfolded for him.

Quavo and TakeOff had formed a duo after a still unresolved falling out with Offset. The uncle and nephew team were busy promoting their album Only Build for Infinity Links when they stopped by Houston, TX, to celebrate Halloween. Unfortunately, Quavo would be the one involved in a dice game that turned violent. In the melee, TakeOff life was taken. Quavo appeared at his funeral, clearly distraught and inconsolable. Since then, he has not been seen much.

Quavo was spotted for the first time at New Year’s Eve partying with Drake and friends. He appeared in photos with Diddy, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, and more. Drake even shared a shot of Quavo holding his hair in a ponytail with a gold watch. Everyone was out in St. Barth with Diddy to celebrate the new year. French Montana spoke to TMZ about the party a couple days after and told them he gave Quavo a pep talk and encouraged him to push forward following the loss of his groupmate. “Shoutout to Quavo. He’s doing the best he can. I went through that, too, with Chinx, and I know exactly what he’s going through.

I cheered him up we had a great time.” French said his advice was, “don’t stay in a dark hole for the rest of your life. We all took losses, we all gotta bounce back.” French compared Quavo’s loss to Diddy losing Biggie as well and said they all had to move on.

Quavo did release a song in honor of his nephew. Titled “Without You,” the song is a reflection of their relationships and good times together. The visualizer shows Quavo alone in a room smoking while thinking about TakeOff. At the end, the worlds fold up into a rocket ship and blast off out of frame. A clear nod to TakeOff. He released the song the same day Patrick Xavier Clark was released from jail, with some sites speculating he wanted to take the attention off Clark and put it back on TakeOff.

According to comedian Shawty Shawty, he got the inside scoop from a close family member of TakeOff’s and Quavo. The person told him that Quavo suspected the dice were loaded during the game, and that was the reason for the fight. During an interview with Ugly Money Podcast, he said, “Everybody know Quavo got a mouth. Everybody know Quavo talked junk. I don’t think that was the atmosphere to talk [stuff]. You got to respect.” Shawty believes that Quavo and TakeOff should not have even been present to begin, a sentiment may echo.

It is still unclear who put up the bail money for TakeOff’s shooter to be released, and no updates on his case yet.

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