A Look At The Many Times Coco Austin’s Parenting Was Criticized

Ice T and Coco are back in the headlines today as they continue to face criticism about the way in which they choose to raise their daughter, Chanel Nicole. The couple has kept their parenting journey very public, posting pictures very frequently of them and their little girl. Baby Chanel even has her own IG run by her parents, with 447,000 followers. On it, you can see the 1st grader showing off her bubbly personality, enjoying school, and hanging out with her famous parents. Over on her mom Coco’s page is where you see the more behind-the-scenes angle of the family, and that’s the side that has everyone up in arms.

Coco first got blowback for her decision to breastfeed well past Chanel’s baby years. Last summer, when Chanel was only 5, her mother confirmed that she still produces milk for her baby girl and plans on letting her feed until she is good and ready to stop. “Chanel still likes my boobs,” Coco said at the time. “It’s a big bonding moment for a mother and your child.” People felt five years old was too old and thought the mom might need to try a different way to bond with her baby.

Fans came for them again this year when they were spotted pushing their now six-year-old in a stroller while on vacation. People felt that Chanel was too big and should probably be walking on her own. Others also took issue with the matching bathing suits that Coco and Chanel modeled while on vacation as well or how she let the little girl mimic her provocative poses.

During her latest IG video, Coco tried to give fans a sneak peek at her routine for getting ready. In the clip, she showed herself curling her hair and trying to find an outfit. Meanwhile, baby Chanel was seen sitting in the kitchen sink, taking a bath. “The sink is the easiest way when you have to be fast,” she shared. Some people took issue with Chanel sitting in the sink and said, “That girl is scrolling on an iPad & checking her damn emails. She needs to be in a TUB!” Do you think Chanel is too old for the sink?

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