Actor John Boyega Gives His Opinion On ‘Pro Black’ Men And Dating Preferences

John Boyega has been in the news the last few days for declaring his love for women of color. The British actor of Star Wars fame is currently starring in The Woman King opposite Viola Davis. While opening up about the film, that spotlights an all-black female military regime of the Dahomey Kingdom known as the Agojie, Boyega also discussed his appreciation for black women. During an interview with The Breakfast Club, Boyega questioned if Charlamagne’s wife was black after noting how aggressively the radio personality defends his blackness.

“You married?” Boyega asked Charlamagne with a smirk on the September 16th episode of the show. When Charlamagne confirmed yes, Boyega then responds, “I think that’s fantastic. Is she black?” When Char confirms that she is, John says that he needed to confirm because he feels that he’s seen the morning shock jock speak so passionately about his race to not have a black woman at home. “People that talk so black and then they date white!” declared Charlamagne before making an unsure sound.

The men are clearly taking digs are creators and actors who center their brands around their blackness while being married to white women. Donald Glover, Jordan Peele, and Omari Hardwick have been criticized for making their fortunes off people of color and the culture but being married to white women. Director Justin Simien (Dear White People), actor Jay Ellis (Insecure), and golf icon Tiger Woods have all been brought up in these discussions as well.

While some people have defended their relationships by reminding the public that love has no race, others point to Chinese, Indian and Jewish communities and the strength within them as a direct result of cultures that pour into themselves. Dr. Umar is a famous advocate for this, stating that the black family is weak because so many people of color are looking for love outside of their race. For John Boyega and Charlamagne, they feel it is hypocritical to profit from the fight to uplift black voices right now if you are not doing so within your own home. C concluded with, “you can’t have conversations about white supremacy tearing apart black families, but you not even trying to create your own.”

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