Larenz Tate Claims He’s Been Able To Survive Financially Because He Lives Below His Means

Larenz Tate has a popular name, but that does not always mean he’s had work. The talented star disappeared from our screens for a while but was able to maintain thanks to his smart business mindset. Now that his star is back on the rise, he can enjoy the fruits of his labor a little differently.

After making his mainstream break with films like Menace II Society and Dead Presidents, Love Jones helped solidify Tate as a star on the rise to watch. Unfortunately, the ’00s proved to be a little lowkey for him, with movies like Blue Blood, Gun Hill, and White Water underperforming. 2017 would yield a resurgence for him in the form of Girls Trip, and he is now enjoying a series regular role on Power and Power Book II: Ghost.While speaking with The Breakfast Club, Tate says that he survived those off years thanks to some smart spending and budgeting.

Larenz Tate says that when his friends splurge on big vacations, he opts for layovers over private jets but enjoys his time just the same. He might even put some money down on the yacht, but only for the time he is on it. Tate says he’s never been flashy and was never a fan of spending money on things that “are useless in the end.” He says he cannot wrap his mind around expensive necklaces, saying he prefers to pour into his three kids. Tate says that his friends don’t mind inviting him on the private jet, but he always makes sure he and his wife are on the same page first.

“When you’re in Hollywood, or you make a lot of money, you’re going to make bad investments. For me, I just don’t know when the next big project is going to come.” Tate acknowledges the highs and lows of his career and says he understands better than anyone how it goes. “Next season, you might not be hot,” he says.

Tate goes on to talk about how anyone can get a house, but not everyone can sustain the maintenance. “There are times it gets tight; that’s two less trips we gon take this year.”

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