Actress Gabourey Sidibe Starting 2023 Off Smaller Than Ever

Gabourey Sidibe got introduced to the world as the character Precious, a plus-sized teenage mother dealing with an abusive parent. While the years since have seen her take on a handful of dynamic roles, people still always associate her with the character that started it all. Gabourey is looking to change things, and the newly married star is shedding the weight in 2023.

Precious was a groundbreaking movie upon its release in 2009. It helped introduce Gabby to the masses, scored Mo’Nique and Oscar, and established Lee Daniels as a director to watch. Unfortunately, the film came with some blowback, as any overweight woman in the media began getting called “precious” as a negative word, and many could not distinguish Gabourey from the role. The movie also got some hate for its negative display of black women and mental health.

Gabby carried much of that criticism into her career following the film. People continued to poke fun at her for her weight and darker skin and roles were not as readily available for her. Luckily Lee Daniels continued to give her opportunities, writing her into the series Empire. Even there, she got hate after participating in a love scene that many thought was unwatchable due to her size.

She shut down fatphobes and the double standards of the media, who would not have been so harsh on a slimmer actress. “I’m really, really proud of it. I think the scene was really fun and lovely, and sexy. I felt beautiful, and I felt comfortable, and I didn’t look nervous at all, and I was kind of nervous, so I’m really glad that that didn’t come across.”

Gabourey has never been shy about her weight and has opened up over the years about her attempts to lead a healthy life and possibly coming down in size. In her book This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare, Sidibe shared that she had quietly undergone weight loss surgery. She did so because she had type 2 diabetes. “I just didn’t want to worry. I truly didn’t want to worry about all the effects that go along with diabetes. I genuinely [would] worry all the time about losing my toes.”

She said the way the procedure was explained to her, she understood that she would have a smaller stomach and have to eat smaller meals. “My brain chemistry would change, and I’d want to eat healthier. I’ll take it! My lifelong relationship with food had to change.” She understood that some people might see it as cheating, but she did not see it that way. “I wasn’t cheating by getting it done. I wouldn’t have been able to lose as much as I’ve lost without it.”

Gabby has been showing it off ever since and ended 2022 with a selfie of her looking her smallest ever. “The 1st selfie of the year! May 2023 be the least ashiest year yet!” she said in the mirror selfie.

People jumped in the comments to uplift Gabourey and comment on her slimmer body. “OK!!! Looking awesome,” said one fan.

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