Actress LisaRaye Reveal New Man and Fans Are Calling Him The Black Aladdin

LisaRaye McCoy may be heading back to her royal status if her new boyfriend is anything to go by. The former “Queen of Turks and Caicos” has been adamant about finding a man that can spoil her like she’s used to. It appears she hit the motherload with a new beau that looks like he may be a royal from a foreign land.

LisaRaye is a Chicago native, but she took the world by storm with a series of cult classic films in the ’90s. By the mid-2000s, her world-renowned beauty had caught the eye of Michael Misick, the Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The pair would have a whirlwind love affair that saw her preside over the country for five years. Michael would get caught up in some bad business that landed him in jail and put LisaRaye back on the market.

LisaRaye has refused to settle since then and told Trick Daddy last year on his podcast I Got My Pots that her next man needed to be able to afford her. McCoy says that the bible taught her to be a good wife around the house and in the bedroom in return for a man who takes care of things financially. “If you’re a boss, you’re supposed to be doing the damn thing,” LisaRaye declared.

Well, it looks like she might have found herself the right guy. Recent videos have surfaced of LisaRaye dancing cheek to cheek with a handsome middle eastern man that some commenters called “black Aladdin.” Others speculate that he might be a prince or king and think McCoy might have found herself a rich suitor to pay all her bills as she likes.

“LisaRaye be finding dudes we don’t be thinking about. Be like, you know what, I need a Prince from Dubai too,” said one fan. Bobby Lytes commented, saying, “Childddd not the King from Ghana 😮 okayyyy MsLisa.” It is unclear who the man is, but fans do not care and are simply rooting for McCoy’s happily ever after. “One thing about LisaRaye, she gon find her a prince.”

LisaRaye has not confirmed she’s in a relationship, but based on the video and the chemistry fans are happy to see the actress happy.

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