Actress Tasha Smith Celebrates Michael K. White With Throwback Picture: ‘I Miss My Buddy’

Michael K. White lost his life in September of 2021. The gifted actor was beloved by many and has left a lasting legacy of television and film in his absence. While many of his famous friends have publicly mourned, one relationship that surprised many was his with fellow actor Tasha Smith. Tasha revealed through a series of posts that she and White had a layered friendship that was also romantic.

Tasha Smith and Michael K. White confirmed their romance in 2019. “Nothing makes me happier!!!!! The love Of my life @bkbmg ❤️❤️❤️,” she captioned a coupled-up pic of them around that time. “This man gives me goosebumps!!!!!” White seemed to feel the same about his lady and even alluded to manifesting her. “I say word is born cause what I speak I manifest #lawofattraction,” he captioned the same image. Fans were hopeful to see the pair go the distance. One commented, “Perfect couple in every way…two sides of the same coin! I’m praying they last forever.”

Despite having a clear love and appreciation for each other, White had many personal battles. “When Season 2 wrapped, I felt the thud of coming back down to Earth. I could no longer afford the rent on that beautiful Baltimore apartment,” he said in his posthumous memoir. “Putting all my things in storage, I moved back to New York, to my empty [Flatbush Gardens, Brooklyn] apartment, which had nothing but a mattress on the floor and a milk crate to eat on.”

Williams recalls getting evicted shortly afterward and his mother trying to get him into rehab. After years of struggles, he unfortunately lost his life. Tasha has continued to keep Michael’s memory alive since his passing. Last September, she shared a photo album of images featuring them with Dave Chapelle, out in a park, hanging with Wyclef, Mary J. Blige, and more. “Memories! This popped up on my phone this morning. I miss my buddy,” she said in the caption. Marlon Wayans responded, “We all do… an amazing soul.”

In another post, she shared a clip of him on a couch talking to himself about being typecast. “Happy birthday to my Angel! I miss him so much! So talented, loving, and too much fun!” she said in her caption. Fans supported her and agreed that Michael is very missed. “Missed very much🕊,” said one fan.

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