Aries Spears Reveals Plans After Case Is Finally Dropped, Including A Yacht Party With A Bevy Of Women

Aries Spears unlikely dip back into the mainstream has been marred by much controversy. Only a few weeks removed from fatphobic comments aimed at Lizzo, Spears became the target of a lawsuit in connection to an uncomfortable internet sketch he shot several years ago with a then-unknown Tiffany Haddish. While Haddish and her team have been heavy on the damage control train, Spears is milking the newfound spotlight and talking to anyone willing to listen about his plans once all of this is said and done.

Aries let everyone in on how he’s handling it all in the latest episode of his podcast with Andy Steinberg. Spears says that it is killing him not to be able to address what is going on due to the legal matters of it all. However, Spears did admit that the woman suing him has a history of scam-like behavior and has been trying to get money out of him and Haddish for several years now. Tiffany echoed this in similar posts about the situation. Hollywood Unlocked revealed that the woman in question, revealed to TMZ to be Trizah Morris, was partying it up at Tiffany’s birthday party in 2020 and had been struggling to break into comedy for years after trying to make her kids actors.

Aries Spears admits that the lawsuit, paired with his comments at Lizzo, has painted him out to be a pretty terrible person in the media. However, he thanked his supporters and friends for sticking by him. He says he will remember all the loyal listeners to his podcast and the few friends that have stuck beside him. “I will certainly remember you and make sure you all get invited to the all-white yacht party with the bevy of b**** that I keep talking about. … We won’t be shaken down.”

Some people in the comments are still not here for Spears and called him out. “You just said you can’t speak about?? But your speaking on it??? Just thank the fans for supporting you…period, and move on, bro.” Another person said, “what’s funny is that the focus is on the money, not the victims. Even if this was a shakedown, you still did it. We all saw it. And you’re not sorry about it one bit.”

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