Arsenio Hall The Latest Celebrity Targeted In Los Angeles Crime Wave

Los Angeles has been in the news a lot lately. The city of angels seems under fire by its locals after a string of high-profile crimes. The news cycle has been dominated by the terrible events coming out of LA, and every day, a new story seems to pop up. The latest victim of the rising issues in Hollywood is late-night legend Arsenio Hall.

Los Angeles was the city in which Philly rapper PnB Rock recently lost his life. It’s suspected that the MC was targeted by some locals for his flashy jewelry. He was hanging out at a Roscoe Chicken and Waffles with his baby mother, who made the mistake of tagging their location on Instagram, something many other people think got them targeted. A similar event took place in the city last summer, with rapper Pop Smoke being attacked at an AirBNB after accidentally posting his location on social media.

A lesser-known rapper named Wakko the Kidd also suffered a similar fate in North Hollywood several weeks ago but lived to tell the tale. Wakko was heading home from a recording session and was followed by a robber who let off 26 rounds at him and his engineer. According to Wakko, it is a tough time for anybody flashy in the city. He suspects he was targeted due to his nice clothes and jewelry. Unfortunately, in a city ripe with rappers and celebrities, anyone can be a target next.

It is a story all too common, as more and more people are being attacked around the city by many looking to make a quick buck. The rising crime rate coincides with the increasing cost of living in Los Angeles. Following COVID-19, many places face inflation to make up for much of the money lost.

Arsenio Hall is the latest person to suffer from the crime wave. Hall says that he heard a loud noise in his home back in August, and when he went to investigate he found a glass door shattered downstairs. While the person initially fled after realizing Hall was home, they eventually returned recently and tried a second time in a similar fashion. Unfortunately, the police have yet to find a suspect.

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