Blueface’s Mother Tired Of People Questioning Her Relationship With Her Son, Reveals She Has Her Own Man

Blueface and Chrisean Rock are finding success well past their time. The rapper turned reality star, and his reality star girlfriend turned rapper continue to make headlines and get booked for interviews. Along for the ride has been Blueface’s mom, who insists on trying to get famous too, which has resulted in saying some outlandish things. The latest statement finds her comparing her son’s manhood to her boyfriend’s.

Karlissa has been trying to edge her way into the spotlight since her son Blueface first broke into the mainstream with his single “Thotiana.” The song topped the Billboard charts, and many thought he would become a star. Quarantine shut down any further music success from him, but Blueface’s Onlyfans reality show helped introduce the world to his family and eventually Chrisean, and we have not been able to escape them since.

Chrisean and Karlissa have been at odds since she was introduced into his life. Karlissa continues to talk to blog and try to make things bad between Blueface and his girlfriend as if they do not already do a good job of that on their own. Karlissa has been so invested in her son’s romantic life that fans have begun to conspire that maybe the mother/son duo are closer than we thought.

Karlissa has been back in the news over the last week, calling out Chrisean for lying about being pregnant and offering to pay for a pregnancy test and sonogram herself to get proof. It’s unclear if she has been able to do that yet, but she did no live and tell fans that she does not appreciate them insinuating that she’s slept with her son.

“I don’t mind if ya’ll say stay out his business I don’t mind if you say weird stuff. Just don’t be saying the stuff about I want to sleep with him. That’s just going too far ok,” she said while sipping Starbucks. “I got my own my [expletive] over here, and it’s bigger than my son [expletive], ok? And if ya’ll need me to post that d!” One fan commented, “how… exactly do yk this information???”

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