Boston Celtics Coach, Ime Udoka Suspended For Whole Season, Issues Public Apology, But Fans Aren’t Buying It

Actress Nia Long is in the headlines today following the revelation that her fiancé, Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka, has been having an inappropriate relationship with a woman on his staff. The Love Jones actress has yet to release a statement following the news, but Ime is wasting no time doing damage control and speaking to the public.

Ime has been in the NBA for some time now, scoring the head coach position in Boston last year. Ironically, the city is where he and Nia long met back in 2010. The two welcomed their first child a year later, before getting in engaged in 2015 and welcome their second kid. Long admits that she wanted a long engagement because she never felt good about marriages and thought that they often do not work.

Call it women’s intuition, but it seems Long fear of the ultimate commitment came in handy. It was revealed today that Ime was having a long-term, consensual affair with someone whom he works very closely with. This type of relationship is against the rules of the NBA and has resulted in Ime getting suspended for the rest of the season as a result. Many people are upset at Ime for cheating on Long, a beloved actress. Even more, people are upset at him for putting his career at risk in such a selfish way.

Ime released a statement today accepting the Celtics’ decision to suspend him and apologized to everyone involved. “I want to apologize to our players, fans, the entire Celtics organization, and my family for letting them down,” he said in a statement through ESPN’s Malika Andrews. “I am sorry for putting the team in this difficult situation, and I accept the team’s decision. Out of respect for everyone involved, I will have no further comment.”

Nia Long has yet to release her own statement, but fans have been uplifting her all day in response to the news. “On behalf of Nia, we can’t accept this,” said one person. “Save it. This is Nia Long we’re talking about!” said another supporter. People are noting that Ime is taking the ultimate loss and is probably devastated right now. “Suspended at work and suspended at home. He is def having a rough month.”

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