Cardi B Already Planning How She’s Going To Spend All Of Tasha K’s Money, Days After Blogger Begs Court To Halt The Process

Tasha K is going to pay up if she wants to or not. Cardi B recently won a lawsuit against the Youtube blogger, whom she sued for defamation after Tasha spread some very hurtful lies about her over the last couple of years. Tasha is currently in Africa on vacation, but many fans think she fled the country to avoid paying up the $ 3 million she was requested to give the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker. That’s ok, though, because it appears Cardi has been granted the right to garnish all of Tasha’s accounts and has already taken to social media to let fans know how she plans on spending her winnings once she receives them.

Tasha K had fans believing that Cardi B was a prostitute prior to becoming a hip-hop star. While Cardi has been very public about her time as an exotic dancer, Tasha took things a step further and claimed that B was also an [adult worker] and other malicious rumors. Cardi says that the rumors were very hurtful and had her feeling of taking her own life. The court awarded her a massive payout for her pain and suffering and ordered Tasha to pay all of Cardi’s legal bills. In addition to this, they also ordered that she take down all the videos pertaining to Cardi from her youtube channel.

Cardi has been enjoying the win and taunting Tasha K online. Fans have been laughing, too, reposting the crippling defeat to their pages. “Cardi is asking Chase Bank to hold Tasha’s wages and other assets, including property, in safe deposit boxes.” While some felt bad for Tasha, one person said, “Same people saying Cardi B wrong for what she doing to Tasha K are the reason why people in this society be thinking the shit they do is ok. Y’all don’t believe in repercussions.”

Cardi has promised her fans, affectionally titled Bardigang, that she will treat them to something special once she receives her “LS.” While she did not elaborate on what LS is, many took it to be short for lawsuit. “Lol. Imagine Tasha K having to watch while bardigang gets treated with her money.”

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