Cardi B and Akbar V Set Twitter On Fire Today After Going Back and Forth For Hours

Cardi B may have been taunting Tasha K for the last few weeks via social media, but it looks like today the “I Like It” hitmaker has a new target. Fans have been struggling to keep up as Cardi goes back and forth with Love & Hip-Hop star Akbar V. Meanwhile Nicki Minaj has been taking subs at lord knows who, making for a very messy day on social media.

Cardi B was reportedly in a celebratory mood earlier in the day thanks to her new collaboration, “Tomorrow 2,” with GloRilla passing 6 million streams on Youtube. While her fans seemed happy for her, it is reported that Akbar V began issuing some subtweets trying to downplay the accomplishment. Cardi B quickly addressed her directly, looking to air out whatever issues they had so she could get back to celebrating. I” don’t really like the internet games,” she said in one post. “My DMS is open and also the streets!” and “I don’t gotta @ I can change a bi— life just by a mention….AND YES, I HIT THEM DIRECTLY, I don’t do the internet!!”

Apparently, she was able to get directly in touch with Akbar because the reality star then tweeted, “Who gave Cardi B my number? Gotta be one of ya’ll weird [people]” While screenshots of a text exchange made it seem like the ladies had settled their beef, Akbar began coming at Cardi on socials yet again. She questioned her writing her own music and brought up allegations that her husband Offset cheated on her with Saweetie. Cardi fired back, criticizing Akbar as a mother and even dragged Akbar’s late mother in their feud, telling the rapper to dig her mother up. Cardi also told Akbar her mother was breakdancing in her grave. Offset even jumped into the mess after Akbar claimed that he was also reaching out to her. “B, that’s not my number,” he said.

Somehow, Nicki fans got involved as they tried to make connections between some of Cardi’s more vague tweets and some messages posted by Minaj today. However, Minaj seems to be aiming her gripes toward Youtube for taking down her video. “Cardi b and Nicki Minaj beef is organized by the FBI,” decided one follower. Can you keep up with any of this?

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