Chris Brown Was Banned From UK Back In 2009 Now He’s Being Questioned Over Bar Incident

Chris Brown continues to be at odds with the media. The singer/songwriter has been branded a bad boy ever since his incident with Rihanna back in 2009. Now over a decade later, fans have tried to cancel him yet again following a collaboration with Chloe Bailey. Brown has not taken the latest onslaught on his brand lying down and has clapped back numerous times, but it looks like he could end up rejected from yet another country if things continue the way they are going for him.

Despite successful collaborations in recent years with the likes of Drake and Young Thug, it seems like women in music continue to get a bad rep for working with Brown. Chloe Bailey was the latest, as people condemned her new single “How Does it Feel” featuring Chris Brown, which was released within weeks of Rihanna’s Super Bowl set. Brown immediately called out the press for their hypocrisy, claiming that white celebrities with way worst reputations do not get as much backlash as him. Either way, the song is currently Chloe’s top-streamed record with over 5 million plays.

As some pointed out online, the outrage with Brown seems to be selective, as he is currently on a sold-out tour of Europe. He’s got upcoming shows in Great Britain, Ireland, Amsterdam, and more for his Under The Influence trek. A recent clip from the show went viral after Brown tried to treat a lucky fan to a lap dance. While performing his single “Take You Down,” Chris danced on a woman who was much more concerned with being on her phone. By the end of the number, Brown grabbed her phone and tossed it into the crowd. Immediately following the video going viral fans suggested the woman sues Chris Brown. The singer took to social media to clarify the fan’s phone was later returned.

Not even a day later, Brown was in the headlines for an altercation with a UK man. According to Radar Online, Breezy was involved in an incident in February where a gentleman was sent to the hospital. This took place at Tape nightclub shortly after Brown’s set at the O2. The man involved claims that Brown’s entourage was responsible. The singer was interrogated by U.K. law enforcement as they attempt to discover the role Chris Brown played in the incident,

This is not a good look for Brown. With shows in Great Britain through the month of March, if this case escalates, tons of fans could suffer. Brown was famously banned from the UK following his incident with Rihanna in 2009. According to Capital Xtra, “His VISA was reportedly denied when he attempted to enter Britain in 2010 […] However, he was spotted in London in October 2020, so it appears his ban has been lifted.”

Australia also prohibited the singer following the Rihanna incident, and his history with Karruche Tran also got him booted from an American Music Awards tribute to Michael Jackson. In addition Chris Brown claims hes still being banned from performing at award shows. The singer was also shut out the Grammys for a few years.

No word if Chris Brown was actually involved in the incident in any way. We’ll keep you posted as this story develops.

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