Chrisean Rock Announces She’s Expecting Her First Baby – Update

Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s relationship has continued to shock people. Despite very clear displays of harmful behavior from both of them, they continue to ride with each other and even scored a reality show inspired by their crazy love. Chrisean recently connected with the ladies of Spiritual Warfare to discuss her relationship and the lengths she’s gone for Blueface. Could she be ready for kids with him now?

B. Simone’s Spiritual Warfare is a podcast with her friend Megan. In Chrisean’s episode, the ladies try to break down the ins and out of her relationship with Blueface and how Chrisean can handle so much physical abuse coupled with all the pressures from the public. The woman asked her how she deals with it all and Chrisean admits that she has seen progress in her boyfriend. However, the girls open up her mind to the fact that the public does not see the growth she is experiencing, so it makes it easy for everyone to still feel like the relationship is toxic. “He learning. Daddy learning,” she said, laughing.

Chrisean Rock opens up about how she and Blueface want to show a better side of themselves and even had trailers for their series re-edited so that people can see that they are not as bad as everyone thinks. When asked what she wants people to take away from her docuseries, Chrisean says that it is a “real story” and “really relatable.” She believes they have longevity and the show is going to feed them by showing their truth. “I’m so transparent with my feelings and my words.” Chrisean and Megan bonded over both being Pisces and how their sign is naturally empathetic and nurturing.

Chrisean agrees but also gives her man credit, saying that he was taking care of her before she was making her own money. She says that she and Blueface’s relationship has evolved from a business one to a romantic one. At one point, he did not want her to be his girlfriend, and even when he changed his mind, he still wanted to see other women. Chrisean says that these days it’s all about the two of them. She says that their foundation being business made it difficult because there was no commitment, and she believes if they started off courting each romantically that things would have been completely different.

Chrisean says that she and Blueface are now in the process of learning how to love each other properly and setting real boundaries instead of the “fake” ones they’ve been navigating. Elsewhere in the interview, Rock complains about nausea, immediately making the girls question if she may be pregnant. While she claims she does not know, Rock confesses that if she is with child, she is keeping it “this time.” She then reveals that she terminated three pregnancies. She believes that she is ready to have Blueface baby now, saying, “I wouldn’t mind.”

B. Simone repeatedly asked Chrisean Rock if she believed now is a good time to bring a baby into her relationship with Blueface. After Chrisean insisted, ‘yes’ B. Simone followed up asking if she thinks a baby would bring her and Blueface closer, the reality agreed. Chrisean believes a baby would make the relationship more serious. She also claims Blueface is beginning to try harder to keep her and he’s more serious than what he’s been in the past.

Well it looks like Chrisean Rock is indeed pregnant after much speculation. The athlete turned reality star took to social media to reveal the news sharing an image of three pregnancy tests. On the photo, Chrisean wrote, ”guess how many heart beats?” The reality star is hoping she’s pregnant with either Twins or Triplets. After making the announcement she shared a video discussing she wants twins or triplets to make up for the ones she didn’t keep.

This is Chrisean Rock’s first baby. Blueface has a son and a daughter from his previous relationship with Jaidyn Alexis.

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