Chrisean Rock Told She’s Not Ready For Baby, Urged To Consider Other Options

The Blueface and Chrisean Rock saga continues. The Crazy In Love stars are back at odds in the media, and this time it overshadows what should be a happy moment for the pair. Chrisean is currently pregnant and deciding to keep the baby, but Blueface clearly wants nothing to do with the child. Fans and other celebrities are urging Chrisean to consider another options before bringing that baby into so much drama.

Several weeks ago, Chrisean sat down with the ladies of Spiritual Warefare to discuss her relationship and how she felt that she and Blueface were ready to take things to the next level. When asked what they meant, she alluded to having a child together before joking that she was experiencing morning sickness. While Chrisean admitted during the interview to having had four pregnancies terminated in the past, she confessed that the next one she would carry to term.

Chrisean is keeping her promise, and Blueface is unhappy about it. While Rock celebrates her new baby bump, Blueface has been taunting her on social media and demanding a paternity test. Blue’s claiming the child is not his. Fellow reality television star Bobby Lytes thinks Chrisean may need to consider another abortion and is not ready for motherhood. Sadly many other people seem to agree.

“You are NOT ready for a baby,” Bobby Tweeted, with many liking the post. Other people said, “not our place,” while some stated that if Chrisean continues to have abortions, she might never be able to carry a child.

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