Comedian Lil Duval Shares Video To Illustrate His Incident In Bahamas, Claims He Really Did Fly

Comedian Lil Duval is literally using his art and art form to describe his horrific car accident. Taking his tragedy and turning it into comedy, he provided a graphic illustration on his Instagram. But, let’s revisit Lil Duval’s journey since. On July 26th, Jacksonville-born Roland Powell – better known as Lil Duval, shared the shocking news of the life-threatening incident on Instagram. He detailed that a vehicle collided with him while he was operating a 4-wheeler. Sadly, the Meet The Blacks star suffered significant injuries from the collision. In addition, Duval shared a video of himself securely strapped on a gurney as they prepared to airlift him to a hospital in Nassau, Bahamas, for a surgical procedure.

Lil Duval has remained candid with his fans and supporters throughout this tumultuous process and road to recovery. In a subsequent post on social media, he thanked everyone that reached out to “check up on him.” However, Duval shared his hip had been broken because of the accident and expressed he was in “so much pain.”   But despite all he was facing, Lil Duval chose to spread light and stated that nothing would be able to “take his joy.” In addition, a rep for the comedian reached out to TMZ to share that he’s listed in “stable condition.” They also confirmed that the “Living My Best Life” singer was being transported to his hometown of Jacksonville, where he’d receive further treatment.

Lil Duval then took to Instagram again with another forthcoming post showing medical officials operating on his leg. In the video, the comedian can be heard reacting to the pain of the drill going into his knee. However, during the clip, he briefly sings the hook of his hit, “Living My Best Life,” while offering a brief chuckle. But he questioned in the caption why he wasn’t placed under anesthesia for the procedure. Thankfully, there was much to be grateful for as things could have taken an ultimate fatal turn. However, even with the incident, Lil Duval shared that there was “no internal bleeding,” which the doctor labeled “amazing” due to the other car’s speed and impact.

Lil Duval received massive support from many of his celebrity friends, along with other supporters and fans. However, someone noted a Youtube account attempting to report that the comedian had been on life support. The comedian caught wind of the post and shared that with his followers with a slew of laughing emojis, debunking the misinformation.

Although thankfully, Lil Duval was not on life support, he definitely still had a long road to a full recovery. The comedian returned with pictures showing some of the injuries he incurred from the accident. Because he was so focused on the pain from his hip and leg injuries, Duval states he was unaware of the “road rashes” on his side and arm. “It’ll heal tho I’m wolverine,” he promised.

Life definitely took a swift left turn in Lil Duval’s life. But he continued to look on the bright side, which many fans noted and praised. The actor provided positive hindsight to his followers, stating that although life has many vicissitudes and throws curveballs, he can command his own reaction. “And I have nothing to complain about because I’m [supposed] to be dead after that,” reflected Lil Duval with gratitude. In addition, he added that he has plenty to smile about.

It’s been three weeks since the accident, and Lil Duval has returned with a graphic retelling of how he became a “living testimony.” With the help of visual creator Lanfia, Lil Duval shared the illustration for all who were “probably wondering how he got here.” The video shows a cartoon version of Lil Duval on his 4-wheeler as he drives down the road with Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” as the soundtrack. Then, suddenly, a car speeds out of nowhere and collides with him, and he’s seen flying into the atmosphere.   And yes, according to Lil Duval, he “REALLY FLEW.” Check out the video below.

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