Comedian Michael Blackson Has A Solution For Rich Men Cheating On Woman

Social media is up in arms for actress Nia Long, who has just discovered that her partner of 12 years, Celtics head coach Ime Udoka, has been cheating on her with a member of his staff. Nia Long is a beloved actress and childhood crush to many, so folks have been online scratching their heads wondering how any man could cheat on her. Well, according to comedian Michael Blackson, cheating on a gorgeous woman is actually very simple.

Michael Blackson has been very open about his life and the many, many women it takes to keep him satisfied. The comic is currently engaged to social media model Rada, and for the first time in his life, he has the ability to be with other women as he pleases. Michael has thanked Rada publicly for their arrangement, confessing that it has made him a better lover, something Rada has also confirmed. Michael said he got tired of cheating for years and finally tried to find a woman ok with him having affairs. While him and Rada are still fuzzy on their rules, it seems like the arrangement has worked out well for the pair.

As a result, Michael has some expertise on relationships and took to his IG to let fans know that a woman’s beauty does not determine how loyal her man is. “If Halle Berry and Beyonce can get cheated on, what’s wrong with Nia Long getting cheated on?” he asked his fans. “The prettier our ladies are, the more we want to bang an average chic! Lol,” He continued in his caption, saying, “Every rich man needs a once-a-month side chic pass. We worked hard for it. Broke men stay out this convo, please.”

People in the comments shared laughing emojis while others tried to add to the discussion. One man said, “Some men get the woman that everybody wants and forget she’s STILL the woman that EVERYBODY wants,” while another chimed in with, “keep it a buck.. if a guy is with you 12 years and you’ve been engaged for seven but you still not married, something’s wrong. Nobody does that.”Do you think Michael is right?

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