D.L. Hughley Claims Men Like Bernie Mac Aren’t Common And That’s Why He Didn’t Live Long

Bernie Mac left an indelible mark on the world with his gift. That’s why his family, the comedic world, and fans worldwide felt the sting of his death in August of 2008. His legacy lives through his incredible works in stand-up comedy, television, and film. Many of his close friends and co-workers have spoken about the comedian’s impact. 

Fellow Original Kings Of Comedy star D. L. Hughley describes him as an uncommon kind of man. For this reason, he says, they have a tendency not to live long.D. L. Hughley reflected on past memories of the Chicago legend Bernie Mac in a 2015 interview with Sway In The Morning. According to Hughley, the Bernie Mac Show star used to feel like he would not be accepted by America. “He was always talking about how nobody understood him and how he would never get his shot,” said the comedian.

D. L. Hughley said he would “laugh” in response to Mac’s comments because he always knew and believed the comedian would make it. He then credited Bernie Mac for teaching him how to be “fearless” and about “men walking alone.”  “As much as you can respect somebody who’s in your age [group], I’ve never seen a man like [Bernie Mac],” said D. L. Hughley. Furthermore, he claims that men like Bernie Mac are uncommon. “That’s why they don’t live that long,” the comedian said.

Over the years, D. L. Hughley has never shied from sharing about his late friend. On the 11th anniversary of his death, Hughley expounded on his previous thoughts that Bernie Mac was unlike any other. The comedian mentions Moses in the Bible, referencing his not arriving at the Promised Land, comparing it to Bernie Mac’s untimely passing. According to Hughley, while many may hold on to fond memories of the comedian and continue to love him, things would have been “devastating” if he were still alive. Additionally, the Soul Plane star expressed that Bernie Mac’s work would have been heavily criticized due to how politically correct the masses have gotten.”He wouldn’t have done what society would’ve wanted him to do,” said D. L. Hughley. In addition, he states that fans would have torn him apart.

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