DL Hughley Claims Romeo Miller’s Working To Turn People Against His Father, Master P

Romeo Miller has been in the news a lot lately, exposing his father for bad business practices. The whole ordeal has everyone divided, with some supporting Master P while others are siding with Romeo. DL Hughley has now weighed in on the father/son beef and does not think Romeo is playing fair, trying to rally people against his famous pops.

DL Hughley recently stopped by Vlad TV to share his opinion on a number of topics, including Romeo Miller and his father, Master P. Hughley is a father of three and raised all his kids while pursuing his career. As a result, he understands the struggles of raising kids in the spotlight. Hughley and Vlad discussed his kids briefly, and DL says that they had humble beginnings before his career took off. “They know what it’s like to live in an apartment,” he laughed. However, they all live in a mansion now.They changed their focus to Master P and Romeo, and Vlad caught DL up on the drama.

Romeo called his father out for honoring DJ tWitch but not his own daughter Tytyana, who passed earlier this year, and then exposed his father for spending all the money he made as Lil Romeo on taxes. “I’ll say this,” Hughley began, “I’ve interviewed Master P a number of times. There’s no doubt he loves his son. No doubt he loves community.” DL goes on to wonder why the two did this in public and on social media instead of handling it in private.

Romeo answered this question when communicating with fans, and explained that his father has not been willing to have these conversations in private, so he took to social media since dad mostly values his public persona. According to DL Hughley, Romeo is actually just trying to turn the public against his father. “He was telling on his father. What was the net gain from that?” He goes on to refer to what Romeo did as “blackmail” and says this is no longer about family and it is extortion. “I just can’t understand what the purpose of telling the blogosphere [was.].”

Vlad discussed Master P’s response to it all, reminding the public that his son is 33 years old and spoiled. He feels he got his kids out of the projects and got them a lot of opportunities. DL agrees, saying that the family lives around the corner from him.DL says he relates because one of his kids called him out for only paying for their college. Hughley says that rich kids are entitled and brought up 50 Cent’s son Marquise Jackson, who has aired his father out in public a few times. “It’s a sense of entitlement that blinds you to reality.”

Hughley says that some of these kids see their families’ houses and worry they will not be able to sustain the level of success on their own. Vlad brought up Shaq and how he’s told his kids, “we’re not rich. IM rich!” DL concluded with, “Raise your child and spoil your grandchildren. But if you spoil your children, then you’ll have to raise your grandchildren.”

Master P recently spoke with Nino Brown where he told his side of the story. Master P and Romeo have yet to speak privately.

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