Does Nick Cannon and Ex-Wife Mariah Carey Have Unfinished Business After Divorcing Nearly Eight Years Ago

Nick Cannon has a harem of beautiful women. The music and television mogul is up to 12 children with a handful of gorgeous ladies, one of which is pop queen Mariah Carey. The couple split up several years ago, but according to sources, Nick and Mimi still have an undeniable chemistry. One insider even called it “unfinished business.” Could the Cannon and Carey household reunite in the near future?

Nick Cannon has been open about his love for Mariah well before meeting her. Nick says that he used to have posters of his future wife up on his wall and was quick to shoot his shot as soon as he met her. Mariah would eventually fall for the funny man, and their relationship would blossom. They began dating in 2008 and tied the knot the same year. By 2011 they became parents to twins Monroe and Morrocan. In 2014, Nick and Mariah announced their plans to divorce, which was finalized in 2016.

Mariah briefly dated Australian billionaire James Packer, even getting engaged before splitting. Since then, she’s been cozy with dancer Bryan Tanaka. Meanwhile, Nick has been with a handful of ladies and brought his child count up to 12. While he seems happy with the ladies in his life, even doubling up on children with several of them, he has been open about regretting not having a child with Christina Milian and even joked about getting Taylor Swift pregnant in recent weeks.

Nick has also been open about Mariah being his true love and the woman he’d want to win back. Last year he released a song for her called “Alone,” in which he sampled her record “Love Takes Time.” While people wondered if the song was a plea to win Mariah back, Nick confessed that it was more of a reflection than anything else and that Mariah and their children had heard it and given him good reviews.

On the record, he rapped, “I’m a keep my distance, stay in my lane. ‘Cause I know you got a man, it’s a little too late.” In an interview with Complex, he revealed, “I did a song called ‘Alone,’ and it sampled one of my favorite Mariah Carey songs, ‘Love Takes Time.’ So, I think people put the two and two together. Everybody saying that this was my song to try to get Mariah back.”

Nick is never shy to praise his “first lady” and has said some really kind things about Mariah since they’ve separated. He’s called her a “gift from God” and the “coolest person” he knows. Nick admits that sometimes he’s scared to sing her praises because it always goes viral. Around Christmas, Mariah was said to be at odds with Cannon over the custody of their children and wanted to get them full-time since he has his hands full with so many kids. She has since halted those plans and is instead working with him on co-parenting.

Sources close to the pair say that this arrangement is not great for Tanaka, who has always felt “second best” to Nick Cannon, and believe the duo are gearing up to reunite eventually. It’s been called “the elephant in the room” and the reason he has never proposed or had children with Carey, out of fear that she’s just preparing to return to Nick.

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