Dutchess Claims She Paid Caesar’s Child Support For Him Cause He Couldn’t Offered $230 A Month

When it rains, it pours, and it’s looking to be quite the storm for Ceaser Emanuel. The reality star is seeing a ton of backlash for recent actions, and some past connections of his are spilling the tea. According to his ex-fiancee, Dutchess Latimore, she’s had to pull Ceaser out of a lot of hot water, including footing his child support bill.

Most people know Ceasar Emanuel from his starring role on the hit reality television show Black Ink Crew on VH1. But prior to this, he actually had no desire to be on reality television, which probably would have been for the best now that a lot of his business is being put on front street.For Ceasar Emanuel he told Sidewalks Entertainment some of his apprehensions which included men looking like “womanizers” and “look like dummies.” But in January 2013, fans were introduced to Ceasar and the rest of the people employed at Harlem’s Black Ink Crew.  

Black Ink Crew tattoo shop is one of the few Black-owned shops in New York City. Alongside Ceaser Emanuel, the series starred Dutchess Lattimore, his cousin Ted Ruks, and many more that were also added in subsequent seasons. Emanuel credits his cousin for persuading him to do the show as he was initially adamantly against it.  The show not only chronicled the art and work that most of the tattoo artists would create for various clients but their personal lives as well. Black Ink Crew also showed their efforts to expand to other locations in New York and Atlanta, Houston, and Orlando.

There is no doubt that Ceaser Emanuel achieved some incredible accomplishments with Black Ink CrewCelebrity Net Worth reports that he’s currently worth $2.5 million. Much of this could be attributed to the shop’s success and the series, which is currently in its 9th season on VH1. Not only does Ceaser Emanuel star in the series, but he also serves as one of the executive producers. But with the financial success also came a boatload of trouble for the businessman and reality star. Eventually, reports began circulating that Ceaser Emanuel was defaulting on his child support payments. 

Ceaser Emanuel has a daughter named Cheyenne that he shares with his ex-girlfriend, Crystal Torres. Much of their relationship has been displayed on the reality show as well, including his not-so-great relationship with his child’s mother.  Cheyenne was born on April 4, 2004. Black Ink Crew highlighted some of the great times for the father-daughter pair throughout their seasons. Fans even saw how much Ceaser’s daughter seemingly influenced who it was that he dated. However, over time it appeared that things got strained between them.  

As early as the show’s first season, fans witnessed the contentious relationship between exes Ceaser Emanuel and Crystal Torres as they disputed child support claims. Sometimes it would appear that they would get it together, while most other times, it seemed their relationship would forever be toxic.Then in 2015, Bossip obtained court documents detailing the shop owner’s over $15K in unpaid child support. The report claims that Ceaser Emanuel spent most of 2015 behind in his payments. Due to this, he was reportedly arrested that November and quickly released after posting bail.

A follow-up report from Bossip after their 2016 court case that a judge allowed Ceaser time to take care of his remaining balance. The reality star was able to prove that he had paid a good portion of his child support payments. However, the judge ruled that he would be back to serve his original sentence if he fell behind again.At the time, his then-fiancee Dutchess Lattimore claimed on her social media that Ceaser was in trouble thanks to Crystal Torres wanting an increase in his monthly payments. But following their split, her tune has changed.

A disgraced R&B singer once famously wrote, “When a woman’s fed up, there ain’t nothing you can do about it.” This could absolutely be said about Dutchess Lattimore. The couple called off their engagement in 2016, and the following year, she appeared on The Breakfast Club and let it all hang out. Included in Dutchess’s conversation was the topic surrounding Ceaser owning child support. Amid talks about his claims that he gave his former fiancee a tattoo shop in North Carolina, Dutchess counters this with her own claims. First, she shares that he could not give her “something he doesn’t even own” on his claims of giving her a shop. Dutchess then brings out her own receipts after asking him to show his proof.

“The money that I have proof of? I have the receipts in there for when I paid for child support,” she said, referring to Ceaser, which Angela Yee seemed to examine and confirm. In addition, Dutchess claims to have receipts of when she paid the light bill for the Black Ink shop. She also states that she has paid multiple child support payments for Ceaser.

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