Erykah Badu Called Out After Sharing GoFundMe Campaign Asking Fans To Help Sister

Erykah Badu is a successful singer/songwriter. Despite her “earthy” demeanor, Badu flaunts her fortune in different ways. Flashy jewelry, trips around the world, front row at fashion week with Doja Cat and Janet Jackson. So some fans are wondering why she is asking for help raising money when she’s already rich? 

Badu shared a screenshot of her sister’s GoFundMe account. In the caption, she said, “My sister and her fam lost her home in a fire 🔥 I am asking for support on her behalf. Follow @brooklynrwhite for go fund link. We love you guys so much. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹.” On the page, her sister Brooklyn White asked for help to rebuild following a January 3rd fire that almost claimed the lives of herself, her husband, two children, and her grandmother. “As a result of the fire, the family has had to relocate to a new city to stay with extended family, pulling their 4-year-old daughter out of school during her first week of pre-K,” the fundraiser stated. 

They were asking for 100k and explained that the money would go towards “obtaining new housing, transportation (as the family car was also destroyed in the fire), a cell phone, and a laptop so Brooklyn can continue to work and provide for her family, as well as basic necessities such as food and clothing for the entire family.” Of the 100k, they’ve raised $72k. The top donations ranged from $2500 to $800 with many being anonymous. 

In a post from a day ago, Brooklyn thanked everyone who had been helping out so far. “Thank you so much to my family, friends, and co-workers who have helped thus far. We are so grateful for all of the love.” People in the comments supported them and continued to help amplify the fundraiser to gain more support. 

It is unclear if Brooklyn is Erykah’s actual sister. A Google search of her siblings only yields Nayrok Wright and Eevin Wright. However, it is clear that Brooklyn is someone special to her, so it was unclear why people gave her a hard time when she decided to use her platform to help get Brooklyn more donations.  “Why is Erykah Badu asking people to donate to her sister because her sister’s house caught on fire? Girl ain’t you rich with rich friends?” asked one person. Another person defended Badu and said, “Internet thinks everybody rich. Smh.” 

Many more people felt that Erykah was justified in reposting the fundraiser and said, “You don’t know what Erykah has already done for her sister …Being Famous doesn’t always equate to rich .. EITHER GIVE OR DONT, but don’t judge.”  Erykah jumped in her own comment to speak to haters saying, “Y’all caint 💰 shame me 😂😂 FYM? The family could use all of our help. Thanks again.” Erykah has over 5 million followers, so it is clear that she is helping get her sister some real eyes that could lead to donations. 

One person summarized what everyone should do by saying, “Amplify, donate, or show support. That’s all this family needs right now ♥️♥️♥️.”

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