Every Job Delonte West Has Worked Since Being Let Go By NBA

Delonte West is a former NBA star from Washington D.C. West struggled throughout his childhood with drugs and alcohol and had it pretty rough. He found hope in basketball and momentarily was able to get away from his demons and out of the hood in the National Basketball Association. Unfortunately, this would not last long for West, and the athlete was eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder, something that he rejected. Instead of getting proper help, he blew through his money and kept getting in trouble. After being stopped in 2009 for gun possession, it was clear West was heading towards a downward spiral. The 2011 NBA lockout would show fans just how bad it was getting for West. 

In 2010, Delonte West was playing for the Boston Celtics and had reportedly made over $4 million in the League. That following year the NBA 2011 Lockout happened, meaning a lot of the players could not make money. Delonte took to Twitter to announce that it had caused him to have to apply for a job at Home Depot to make ends meet. “It’s official. Pride 2 the side. Just filled out a application at Home Depot. Lockout ain’t a game,” the Celtics guard told his followers. Because he was on probation for the gun charges, Delonte was also stopped from pursuing opportunities overseas like other players. Things were so bad for him that he tweeted about his car breaking down while in line for the ATM.

The problems were just beginning for Delonte. While he never confirmed if he had gotten the job at Home Depot, he did post a job application for a different store and a photo of his first day on the job. The 2011 Lockout lasted from July to December so Delonte was hustling to figure out how to make money. He posted an application from Regency Furniture. On the app, he stated that he found out about the job through word of mouth, was ready to work “yesterday,” calling his prior conviction a “misunderstanding.” He posted an image of him from the truck rocking a white shirt and fitted cap posing it up with a passenger. 

Eventually, Delonte West’s NBA days came to an end, and he try to find other leagues he could play for. On January 25th, 2014, it was announced that West had signed up with D League team, the Texas Legends. Prior to going to the Legends, Delonte was on the Dallas Mavericks and reportedly had gotten into some trouble in the locker rooms fighting with his teammates.  It was rumored that the step down could’ve possibly been temporary for West since the teams were affiliates and many fans assumed they would see him back with the Mavericks in no time. 

Delonte West has yet to play for another NBA team. Instead, things continued to get worst for him as videos started surfacing of him begging for change on city streets. In one really troubling video, Delonte can be seen getting stomped on by another man. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban would eventually step in and try to help West. He got him into a rehab facility in 2020, and things were going so well that Delonte even got a job there. He was seen in videos interacting with staff and doing activities with other people in the program. In 2020, Boston Celtics president of basketball operations revealed they had also hired West to do some college scouting for them. However, that also came to an end.

While his job search has always been a struggle, Delonte cannot seem to shake the eyes of those who recognize him from his days on the courts. The constant videos hitting the net of him panhandling have actually led him to yet another role. It is reported that a local car dealership in Alexandria who saw the picture of him at 711 reached out to give him a position. They are currently having their floors redone and were able to talk the company into letting Delonte help out. According to TMZ Sports, the “flooring company was thrilled to have the extra help … and West has been working with them for the past two days — and doing a great job!!”

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