Everything We Know About 25-Year-Old Rasheem Carter

The American south continues to live in the dark ages. Yet another person has lost their life, and this has to be one of the most sad stories to date. Authorities are not sure what to make of the passing of Rasheem Carter, His mother has hired Benjamin Crump and demanding answers.

Back in October, Rasheem Carter traveled to rural Taylorsville, Mississippi, for work. The young father sensed that something was wrong after an argument with some of the men he was working with and alerted his mother, Tiffany Carter. Tiffany said that Rasheem called and warned her that someone may be trying to make an attempt on his life. Tiffany was located two hours away from Taylorsville in Fayette and told her son to go to the law enforecement and report what was going on.

Rasheem’s mother recalls her son being on the phone with her when he entered the station. Despite asking for a ride back to his hotel in Laurel because he worried he was being followed, the officers said no. They also told him he could not stay at the station. Carter would disappear the following day after returning to the station a second time and being turned away. His mother sent a friend to retrieve him, but Rasheem was nowhere to be found.

It would be a month till he was found in an unrecognizable state. Rasheem was clearly not meant to be found as his remains had been scattered and in a state that was not normal. After hiring a private investigator, his mother uncovered that Rasheem’s body had clearly been through something beyond natural decomposition.

Local police have stated they do not believe there is any foul play at hand and think that Rasheem wandered onto the private property and passed out from dehydration. Photos from his final days show the young man clearly running for his life. It is unclear what will happen next, but as this story gains national traction, more will certainly come out.

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