Everything We Know About Ime’s Udoka’s Alleged Mistress and Her Husband

The internet is collectively rallying around Nia Long in light of the recent cheating scandal involving her fiancé of 12 years, Ime Udoka. Udoka is the head coach of the Boston Celtics and has found himself suspended for the season after coming clean about a consensual relationship with a female staffer. While many have been focused on Long and her two kids well being, others have been curious to find out more about the other women in all of this. Today, new information has emerged around her, making the entire situation becoming even messier.

Fellow NBA player Matt Barnes initially took to social media to defend Ime Udoka calling out the Celtics organization for the harsh punishment. ““his is a bad look. The Celtics, whoever made this decision, [it] was a terrible decision,” the former NBA player stated. “A whole season? For a consensual situation that not only happens in the NBA but in every single workplace? This was a terrible call, man.” Matt Barnes later had to recant his statement after learning more details regarding the situation. Barnes returned to social media claiming the situation in Boston being “way deeper” than anyone realized, after he was tipped off by a friend following his own rant earlier this week.

Fans today found out exactly what he meant. The woman at the center of Ime’s “consensual” relationship is Kathleen Nimmo-Lynch. Katheleen is reportedly married to the Team’s Vice President of Finance & Controller Patrick Lynch according to some reports, making the whole situation a tab bit more complicated than we all thought. According to The Sport’s Rush, “The punishment suddenly becomes more understandable with Kathleen in the equation. The team is likely punishing their head coach for overreaching more than they are for breach of the code of conduct.”

So not only did Ime cheat on one of the most beloved women in black Hollywood, but he also put his career and reputation on the line, marring the Boston Celtics for an entire season in the process. With the infidelity affecting this many people, it would not be a surprise if he did not return at all. Meanwhile, fans have been circulating speculated images of Kathleen online and comparing her to Long, trying to justify Ime’s indiscretions. In the comments, people debated if Kathleen’s beauty it worth disrespecting anyone, let alone the beloved Nia Long.

Kathleen’s socials have been disabled, including her LinkedIn. Her husband, Patrick, has been on a steady trajectory over at the Boston Celtics. He began as senior director of Accounting and operations before being promoted to controller in 2018. In 2019 he became the Vice President of finance.

Other sites have posted conflicting reports, claiming that the woman Ime cheated with was actually the wife of a man named Taylor Lynch and not Patrick. If these sites are correct, Taylor Lynch is a Consulting Associate at Mercer Consulting, LLC. They are claiming that Kathleen is the Boston Celtics’ team services manager, and a white woman, only pictured in a photo of her hugging someone. Taylor Lynch is said to contribute to the Boston Celtics as Consulting Associate.

It’s unclear just yet which one is the truth. One thing that is clear is that Ime Udoka is public enemy number one right now and is expected to have a pretty tough year ahead of him. Long has released a statement, saying she is focusing on their two kids at this time.

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