Fans Are Dissecting Karlie Redd’s New Look Trying To Find Out What’s Different

Love and Hip Hop fans are well aware of reality star Karlie Redd’s features. Often, fans of the show have questioned whether or not the reality star has had cosmetic work done. And now, a recent sighting of Redd has many fans convinced that she’s gone under the knife as she appears to look much different than before. Much of Karlie Redd’s television appearances are on the VH1 show’s Atlanta edition. For years, she faced inquiries about her age. While Karlie Redd first mentioned that she was in her 20s, many fans, and some cast members – including K. Michelle, begged to differ.  

Karlie Redd made a 2019 appearance on daytime television talk show The Real, where she finally laid all the rumors about her age to rest. According to the Top Five actress, she never had an issue with revealing how old she was and did not understand the “obsession” surrounding her age. “Maybe because we look young and beautiful,” she suggested.

It was then that Karlie Redd revealed her age at the time. Co-host Jeannie Mai asked the reality star if there was any truth to whether or not she was forty-five. “Yes,” she happily responded.  

Karlie Redd also spoke with Madamenoire, where she asserted that her age was one of the “highest trending topics.” She also shared that cast members on the show were “older” than she was but didn’t receive the same scrutiny surrounding their age. However, Redd shared that she held back revealing her age to the public because it “brought checks to the household when nobody knew.”

Then, many fans began to question whether Karlie Redd went under the knife to receive cosmetic surgery. Notably, in 2020, fans noticed a difference in her face and widely speculated that she’d taken steps to alter her physical appearance. Immediately, they took to social media to offer their opinions. “Karlie Redd over did it with the plastic surgery,” one L&HH fan wrote on Twitter. Another viewer wrote, “Karlie Redd made herself look so old by getting plastic surgery and fillers to make herself look young and I’m really upset about it! She used to be an older woman who looked great for her age; now she looks like an old woman who is trying to look young. I’m sick!”

Karlie Redd caught wind of the rumors surrounding her face and took to Instagram to reveal a secret to fans. The reality star wrote that she never received surgery but shared that she undergoes a “Cool Laser Treatment” procedure. In addition, she revealed that she gets work done on her lips by the same doctor.

Fans have also questioned whether Karlie Redd has received any other augmentation on her body. In one instance, she posted a clip of herself walking away so the camera and viewers could focus on her rear end. But many social media users found Karlie Redd’s seemingly new waistline to be another indication she’d received surgery. Many fans reacted on social media that she had done too much and called the showing “nasty.” One user commented, “Her booty looks like they shoved 2 plastic kids balls back there. It looks so unnatural.. women really need to stop this BS” Another noted, “She needs to stop. She was the most gorgeous woman on the show prior to the surgeries.”

In an interview with, Karlie Redd denied ever receiving plastic surgery. Instead, she claims that she wears “booty pops,” which she defines as an undergarment that acts like a “girdle.”   “It makes the stomach go in, and the booty pops up,” Karlie Redd claimed. However, fans beg to differ.

Now Karlie Redd is facing more criticism from fans who state that she’s done too much to her face again. She recently went on Instagram Live, as captured by 9Mag TV, to celebrate that her latest single is seemingly set to chart on the upcoming Billboard charts. However, much of the fans’ focus was on her appearance.”Omg she destroyed her face! She was so pretty! What is wrong with all these chicks? Smh,” commented one social media user. Another suggested she “ease up on the plastic surgery and bbls.”

Recently, Karlie Redd went live on Instagram once again to deny that she’d gotten plastic surgery while getting her makeup done. However, she did admit to getting lip injections and discussed how her makeup may give an illusion at times. What are your thoughts?

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