Fans Call Out Media For Double Standards Between Ime Udoka and Brett Favre News Coverage

Nia Long and her fiancé Ime Udoka are in the news this week after it was revealed that the Boston Celtics head coach had been having a consensual affair with a female staffer. The infidelity is sure to have damaging implications on his relationship with Long and has already proven detrimental to his career. Udoka has been suspended for the 2022-2023 season as a result. While all the drama has everyone glued to their news cycle of choice for updates, others are pointing out how the whole thing feels like a bit of a distraction from other more troubling news.

It’s a common theme in the news cycle in America when stories regarding people of color seem to be pushed to the forefront when things deemed “more pressing” and regarding white people are buried in the headlines. We’ve seen it with several of the rap scandals, Twitter beefs, and more. In the case of Ime, many people think the laser focus on him and his infidelity seems a bit unfair compared to how few people are covering the story of fellow athlete Brett Farve and his recent welfare scam. Under many of the posts reporting on Ime and Long, fans point out how Farve has gotten little to no outrage, at least not on the level of Ime. Fans are particularly upset with ESPN and the very different approaches to covering the two sports stars.

Brett Favre is Superbowl Champ, 3x NFL Most Valuable Player, and Offensive Player of the Year (1995). With those kind of accolades its hard to believe anytime he’s in the news for his own indiscretions it wouldn’t go viral. Brett Farve is being accused of misappropriating over $8.1 million in welfare funds from the state of Mississippi to various companies tied to his enterprise. Farve was paid over $1 million for speaking engagements he never made and $5 million for the construction of a volleyball court at his alma mater.

People are taking to Twitter to express their anger over how Farve is getting so little media attention compared to Ime. “If you are more upset about Ime Udoka and the Celtics situation than Brett Favre STEALING MILLIONS IN WELFARE MONEY FROM THE POOREST PEOPLE IN OUR COUNTRY IN MISSISSIPPI, then you are part of the problem,” said one person. “ESPN gonna have wall-to-wall coverage on Ime Udoka’s affair but have completely ignored Brett Favre stealing millions in welfare money to build a stadium for his daughter,” said another.

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