Father Of R. Kelly’s Fiancée, Jocelyn Savage Wants Everyone To Get Their Facts Straight When Speaking On His Family

R. Kelly’s sentence has been handed down, and now new information about how his team tried to help him maintain his freedom is coming to light. Yesterday we revealed that some of Kelly’s lawyers tried to use his issues with literacy as a way to prove he could not possibly have built such a complex ring to take advantage of women. Unfortunately, that did not work out in his favor. It was also revealed that Joycelyn Savage, one of the young women connected to Kelly, wrote a letter to the judge calling herself his fiance and boasting about how well Kelly had taken care of her. This was news to everyone’s ears, and no one knew the pair were engaged. 

Savage was one of the initial women who came forward following the backlash from the Surviving R. Kelly documentary. In a series of interviews, Joycelyn claimed she, too, had suffered at the hands of R. Kelly. According to Savage, Robert Kelly would force her to call him “daddy” or “master.” He even made claims that he could “end” the model/singer’s career if she did not do as he asked. Savage has called Kelly a monster and said he reportedly got her pregnant before leaving her to end her pregnancy alone. 

Joycelyn says she met R. Kelly in college when she was 17 at a concert. She was instantly smitten by the star and dropped out of school to pursue a relationship with him.  Savage quickly changed her tune and gave a weird interview with Gayle King in 2020 alongside Azriel Clary, another one of Kelly’s girlfriends. In recent months she has blamed her account on pressure from her parents and claims she was actually well taken care of by Rob. In her letter to the courts asking for leniency in Kelly’s sentencing, she stated, “I’m not the victim that the government has portrayed me to be.” She went on to say that Kelly was taking very good care of her and several other women but that she was the one engaged to him. 

Jonjelyn Savage and Timothy Savage are Jocelyn’s parents. Since the moment she went public, they’ve been in the media as well, trying to paint a clearer picture of their little girl and the person they claimed has “brainwashed her.” The parents feel their daughter is sick but that it is not her fault because R. Kelly really broke her mind and spirit throughout the years. Her mother defended her, saying” “She is still my daughter, my baby girl, and I know that’s not her words. I birthed her, and I know she will never turn on her family.”

Jocelyn’s father Timothy came forward in an IG live yesterday to address rumors that his family “sold” her to R. Kelly or that she was still in high school when she met the singer. Tim says that Jocelyn was not in high school; she had graduated and was working at a family boutique. Timothy says he had a really hard time getting in touch with his daughter once she was dating R. Kelly. He took to the media because he struggled to get in touch with Jocelyn.

Timothy Savage claims people have been confusing their family with another family mentioned in the New York case. Although Timothy didn’t call out any parents by name, he did mention there are parents listed in the New York trial who were apparently in communication with R. Kelly, but reiterates that has nothing to do with him or his wife.

Timothy says that his focus now is to find out if his daughter has Stockholm Syndrome. He feels Jocelyn is defending R. Kelly because she fell in love with his through the abuse. “We got to do better. Because at the end of the day, this still my daughter. Whoever out here pushing this narrative, why? Because this August case is coming up?” R. Kelly was already been charged with 30 years. Next month he will stand trail again in New York. Tim feels like bashing his family is a terrible way for people to “support Rob” and that they need to tell the truth and say they believe he’s innocent instead of trying to make the Savages look like the bad guys.

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