Friday’s Angela ‘Felicia’ Means Breaks Down Over Friday Role And How It Impacted Her Real Life

Friday is an undisputed cult classic. The film helped launch the careers of several stars, from Ice Cube to Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, Michael Blackson, Katt Williams, Nia Long, Regina King, and many many more. The film is also the birthplace of many iconic lines and quotable moments, none more quotable than “Bye Felicia.” Angela Means, the actress behind the character Felicia, is probably one of the few people to not see her star explode into the mainstream like everyone else. The actress recently opened up about the role in a tearful confession where she expressed some unhappiness over Felicia’s legacy. 

Angela Means got her start in the late ’90s when she moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of stardom and “interesting roles.” In 1993, she made her debut on the sitcom Hanging With Mr. Cooper, where she played Officer Houston in the season one episode “Valentine’s Day Massacre.” From there, she scored a key role in the film House Party 3 as Veda, Christopher “Kid” Reid’s love interest. The film also featured her future Friday co-stars Bernie Mac and Chris Tucker. Prior to scoring her iconic role in 1995, she featured on In Living Color for two years in a handful of small roles opposite the likes of Damon Wayans and Jim Carrey. 

Of course, Friday is what most people know her for. Angela recently did an interview with Comedy Hype where she recalls how excited she was when offered the role of Felicia, calling it the “interesting role” she was looking for. Means got to work prepping for the character. She created a bio for Felicia, setting up a backstory for her in order to understand her motivation. Means got so deep into the preparation that she got lost as Felicia began to “emerge.” She recalled “feeling a lot of fear” about Felicia’s past. 

When it was all done, Angela was taken aback by the overwhelmingly negative response that Felicia got from fans of the film. “Maybe people were tired of her. Why was there so much hate for such an obviously beautiful woman? She’s kind; you didn’t hear her using any profanity. Why would they be so unkind to a family member?” She continued, “Why would they be so dismissive? Why would no one defend her? And I’ve asked this question for 30 years.” Means says that not only did people disrespect the character, but they also came for her in real life. People who recognized her from the movie would say things like, “Bye, you dirty [expletive],” she told Comedy Hype. 

Fans in the comments could not believe the treatment she faced and responded, “It’s sad that people were actually bullying this woman over a movie. She didn’t even play a hateful part.” Others said, “she was the comedic relief for most of the movie, and the cause of the climax of the movie when she got abused. I’m sad to see it take such a toll on her like this.” Some sympathized with her and shared their support. “I truly feel she was a loved character, despite her depiction. I always got a ‘go home, Rodger’ vibe from the phrase ‘bye Felicia.’ Never saw the hate behind it.”

Means continued to work despite not breaking out like the rest of her cast. She appeared in several episodes of Cousin Skeeter between 1998 and 2001. She also appeared in some more minor roles before stepping away from acting permanently.  Means shifted careers and became one of Los Angeles’s most in-demand vegan soul food chefs after opening her store Jackfruit Cafe in the DTLA area. The Cafe’s website describes it as “a soulful twist on jackfruit using spices from around the world to create 100% plant-based soul food.” People seem to love the shop and left glowing reviews under her interview with Sea of Change in 2018. “Angela Means, thank you for not forgetting about our community. We need more people like you. Much love and success to you,” said one fan. Another said, “This lady here, Angela Means, was such a sweetheart when I went to her place.” 

Despite the legacy of Felicia, it is good to see that Angela is beloved for her current role as a chef. What do you think about the characters’ treatment over the years? 

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