Hollywood Unlock Shares Photo Of Tiffany Haddish’s Accusers Mother Partying At Comedian’s Birthday Party Years After Skit Was Recorded

Tiffany Haddish continues to be ridiculed following accusations that she and fellow comic Aries Spears groomed two underaged siblings during a sketch they filmed several years ago. Tiffany and her team have alluded to the victim’s mother trying for years to sue her and call the entire thing a “shakedown.” While some have been supporting the victims, friends of Haddish have come to her defense with new evidence that the woman in question may really just be after some money and exposure.

Tiffany Haddish has a very close relationship with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked. He was the very first stop following her split with Common and where she opened up about the breakup. Lee has also accompanied her to various red-carpet events and has been partnering with her on different projects, including his upcoming Social Impact Awards. His site is one of the leading gossip sites on the market, so he keeps Haddish in the headlines as a result.

Jason Lee was one of the first to repost Tiffany’s public statement, where she expressed her regret for participating in the sketch and her desire to move past this experience. In it, she said, “Clearly, while this sketch was intended to be comedic, it wasn’t funny at all – and I deeply regret having agreed to act in it. I really look forward to being able to share a lot more about this situation as soon as I can.” Her lawyer, Andrew Brettler, released the name of the woman accusing Haddish of grooming her kids and confirmed that she has been trying to extort Haddish for years. “Plaintiff’s mother, Trizah Morris, has been trying to assert these bogus claims against Ms. Haddish for several years. Every attorney who has initially taken on her case — and there were several — ultimately dropped the matter once it became clear that the claims were meritless.”

Jason Lee is doing his best to make sure his friend is proven innocent. His team posted images to Hollywood Unlocked revealing Trizah Morris partying it up in 2020 at Tiffany’s Birthday event. Morris can be seen smiling and enjoying herself. Hollywood Unlocked also tried to clear Haddish of any ill-doing and reported that while she appeared in the skit, she was a struggling actress still on the come-up and needed the work. Aries Spears, famous for his time on MadTV, was the mastermind behind the skit. HU also reports that Haddish was not present for any of the scenes in question.

“Haddish was approached by Spears to take on the 2014 skit when she was an up-and-coming comedian. She was not present when those inappropriate scenes were filmed, nor did she get to see the completed project when it was finalized at the time. When she eventually saw the final product, she later asked for the video to be taken down immediately, but Spears refused, and the skit later showed up on the platform, Funny or Die digital.”

Some fans in the comments called B.S and think that HU is doing a bad job of trying to paint Haddish out to be the victim. “But she delivered the kids, acted in the video, but now she wants to throw her partner Aries under the bus, smh.”

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