How Former LNHH Reality Star Peter Gunz Went From Cheating To Hosting Cheaters

Peter Gunz has had a unique career trajectory. Proof that there is always an opportunity to pivot and try new things, Gunz has come a long way from his beginnings as a promising rapper from The Bronx. He turned his personal life into primetime television, in the process becoming the poster boy for bad lovers and cheating husbands. Luckily for Gunz, he found the one place where those titles made him the ideal candidate for hosting duties, Cheaters.

Making his debut in 1998 with Lord Tariq, Peter Gunz’s “Deja vu (Uptown Baby)” is still an undisputed summer anthem across the globe, particularly in his hometown of New York City. The song helped him maintain a moderate buzz throughout the 2000s, well after the group’s 1999 split. Gunz would eventually resurface in 2014 as part of the Love & Hip-Hop universe thanks to his love triangle with ex-wife Tara Wallace and R&B singer and current wife, Amina Butterfly. The trio went back and forth on the series, with Gunz front and center, proving he could not control himself or his emotions when it came to either woman.

Their exchange was so toxic it even prompted a viral moment from their reunion where rapper Cardi B cursed him out and told both women they could do better. Gunz tried to accuse Cardi of being a “h**” because she admitted to interacting with men for money. She fired back, saying that both Amina and Tara slept with him for free and got nothing in return. She called him an “old washed up rapper” that messes women’s lives up. Amina and Tara looked on, shocked but amused at the exchange.

Peter eventually tried to do right by Amina and went on Marriage Bootcamp with her to clear the air. Unfortunately, this only resulted in more confessions of cheating and being a “bad husband.” While they discussed divorce, the pair are still very much married but separated.

With this much experience under his belt involving infidelity, it makes sense why the television series Cheaters would bring him on board as a host. The serial cheater gets to help people catch their spouses in the act as he and a camera crew follow along and aid in their stakeout. Unfortunately, Peter’s presence there seemed to rub everyone the wrong way as several guests have cursed him out once they realized who he was and called him a hypocrite for his participation on the show.

When it was announced that he would be hosting in 2020, people immediately began clowning him. “Not peter gunz. not the man that impregnated his wife AND his gf at the same time. cheaters got the ultimate cheater,” one person said on Twitter. Guest on the show seem to feel the same way, and Gunz has already gotten into two scuffles with men on the show. One time, it was the cheater who swung on Peter, while the second time, it was actually the man he was helping that tried to put his hands on him. “If I offended you, I apologize. Let’s get this to him. I need you to channel this energy toward the man that’s with your lady right now. I know where she at right now. Let’s pull up,” he pleaded with the guest.

What do you think of him hosting the show?

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