Interesting Fact About Gabrielle Union’s Marriage To Chris Howard and Why It Ended In Divorce

Gabrielle Union is happily married to Dwyane Wade, and the two are the picture of a perfect family. It’s been a long road to happily ever after for Union, and she has opened up over the years about her first marriage and the things she experienced. She recently revealed new details about her first husband, Chris Howard.

Chris Howard is a former American football player from Kenner, Louisiana. Howard was drafted in 1998 and played for the Denver Broncos and Jacksonville Jaguars. Howard did not have the best career, unfortunately, and quickly became known for his fumbles. In 1998 he fumbled five times in two games. He was released from the Broncos practice squad and picked up by the Jaguars, who expressed their doubts about his skills. “He certainly still is developmental. A couple of weeks into our system, and I think he’ll be a guy who can be counted on,” they said at the time. His career would end in 2000 after fumbling twice in his last game.

By then, he was already an item with Gabrielle Union, who he met at a party in 1999. The pair were engaged shortly after, and Union was a newlywed by the time her career kicked off with films like “The Brothers” and “Two Can Play at That Game.” Union admits at the time she was so focused on getting a ring she did not see the red flags in their relationship.

The first red flag was their proposal. Howard put some effort in, laying rose petals throughout their house from the doorway to the bedroom. When Union got to the room, he was on one knee holding a ring. In the other hand, he was eating potato wedges with a bucket of KFC on the floor.

She eventually found out that he was also cheating on her after finding messages on his computer. However, she pushed through and said the wedding ceremony was no better. Several guests were drunk, including her husband. The minister kept mispronouncing her name and she found more evidence of Howard cheating hours after the wedding.

By 2005, the pair had separated, with the divorce being finalized in 2006. While Union spilled most of the tea in her memoirs, We’re Going to Need More Wine, she let us in on even more information recently during an episode of Arm Chair Expert. Union reveals that for much of the marriage, she was the breadwinner due to Howard’s career stalling at the same time hers took off. After dealing with his infidelity and paying all the bills, Union decided to empower herself by doing some revenge cheating.

Union admits to feeling “entitled” at the time and confessed that they agreed the marriage should not get in the way of their dating. “A part of it was keeping up with his activities, like, ‘Oh, that’s what you’re doing? You’re going to feel this one,’ and I just felt entitled as well. I was paying all the bills; I was working my [butt] off!”

Some fans in the comments championed her mindset, while others were just tired of hearing about her marriage from 20 years ago. “Why is she talking about this now, nearly two decades later?”

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