Jamie Foxx Has Been Friends With Tank Over 20 Years, But That Didn’t Stop Him From Revealing He Wanted Tanks Wife At Their Wedding

There are industry friends, and then there are real friends. When it comes to Tank and Jamie Foxx, their friendship extends beyond just the industry. For 20 years, the singers have shared an unbreakable bond. Their connection is so natural that Foxx was even the best man at Tank’s wedding. However, the entertainer recently revealed that he might have harbored some questionable feelings during the ceremony.

Jamie Foxx’s career got started doing stand-up comedy in the late 80s. He was then cast in his first significant role on the third season of Fox’s sketch comedy, In Living Color. Although the Texas-born entertainer was known for his stand-up comedy and acting, Foxx had an incredible gift of music which soon blossomed into a singing career. 

In 1994, Jamie Foxx’s debut album Peep This was released on the Fox record label. However, the project didn’t sell well, and the actor didn’t release another musical effort until 2005’s Unpredictable on J Records. This album would achieve double-platinum status with the title track and “DJ Play A Love Song” as its lead singles. At the same time, a Milwaukee-born man named Durrell Babbs began to focus on his music career. He soon found himself providing background vocals for R&B singer Ginuwine and later Aaliyah and getting close with many in the Blackground Records circle.  

Eventually, Babbs signed to Blackground Records under the stage name Tank. The singer’s first album, Force Of Nature, was released in 2001, with the popular single “Maybe I Deserve” taking over the airwaves. Tank started gaining a world of fans he’d never had before. What he didn’t know was that one of his fans was none other than Jamie Foxx. Both singers’ paths would eventually cross, and they would learn that they were big fans of each other’s gifts. While speaking together on the premiere episode of Tank and J. Valentine’s R&B Money Podcast, Jamie Foxx detailed how their connection began.

According to the Academy Award-winning actor, he was preparing to film Ali the same year Tank’s debut was released. Foxx was then alerted that “somebody in your lane,” meaning another singer was seemingly coming for his spot. But on his 18-hour flight to Africa, he immersed himself into Tank’s debut and found himself amazed. Jamie Foxx and his then-girlfriend enjoyed Tank’s music, and the actor felt “compelled” to share his music with everyone. Soon, they met at a house party that Foxx was throwing and found each other to be huge fans of one another. 

Neither could imagine that this would only evolve into a brotherhood. The artists met at interesting times in each other’s careers, with Jamie Foxx gearing up to do his soon-to-be Oscar-winning role Ray and Tank amid intense legal battles with his label. Tank shared during his Drink Champs appearance that Jamie Foxx came through for him during this rough period of his life.  

On the brink of homelessness and wanting to quit professional music altogether, Tank stated that he told Jamie Foxx of his plans. However, Foxx wasn’t having that. According to the “When We” singer, Jamie Foxx opened the doors of his house and recording studio for Tank to use at his leisure until he got his feet back on the ground. Additionally, Tank revealed that Foxx would graciously give him money from various appearances and “walk-throughs.” Their friendship continued through the years, with the two collaborating on multiple songs. And in 2018, when Tank married his longtime girlfriend, Jamie Foxx was beside him as one of the groomsmen.

Tank Married Longtime Girlfriend, Zena Foster In 2018

The road to marriage was long for Tank and his wife, Zena Foster. The couple began an on-and-off relationship in 2000, ultimately leading Tank to propose 17 years later. While dating, Foster gave birth to two children for the singer. However, he also has three other children outside of their relationship. Finally, on July 22, 2018, Tank and Zena Foster walked down the aisle at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. Along with Jamie Foxx, the couple’s two children joined them in the wedding party. Among those that attended the star-studded ceremony were Letoya Luckett, Kelly Rowland, and Larenz Tate.

Jamie Foxx Embarrassed Himself When Revealing He Wanted Tank’s Wife

The R&B Money Podcast, also named after the singer’s upcoming final studio albumwas started by Tank and his manager, J. Valentine, who also has a history of singing background for the singer and was also his best man. During the inaugural episode of Tank’s podcast, a bevy of topics were discussed, including a song called “Take Me Away” that makes Jamie Foxx emotional every time. According to Jamie Foxx, “Take Me Away” is a song he wishes he could have but is afraid to tackle as he doesn’t feel he could do it justice. Instead, they continued to share intimate details of their friendship, including when Jamie Foxx embarrassed himself with a joke gone wrong at Tank’s wedding.  

Jamie Foxx shared that there were many instances where he embarrassed himself with Tank. However, at the wedding, the actor “divulged too much” by expressing that he “wanted” Zena Foster. His admission stunned everyone, including his then-girlfriend.   “I f—d up,” Jamie Foxx shared while the hosts laughed. Admittedly, he says he was drunk. However, he shares the statement came out wrong. Listen to the hilarious interaction below.

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