Jay-Z Confronted By Cousin Who Claimed He Didn’t Believe In His Dream Because He Wouldn’t Fund It

Jay-Z is speaking about the entitlement some family and friends may feel they deserve just because they are tied to a celebrity. The rapper held a conversation with Kevin Hart where they discussed many topics including retiring from music, vacationing, family, and how much he charges for a verse . One topic that stood out was Jay-Z discussing the importance of spending holidays with families for solace, but how some family members feel entitled and may use it as a time to pitch business ideas. In one particular situation, Jay-Z recalled the time a cousin claimed he didn’t believe in him because he wouldn’t invest in his business idea.

We all know how successful Jay-Z, real name Shawn Carter, is. The Brooklyn rapper has had an impeccable journey to being the illustrious artist and executive he is today. Jay-Z has often spoken about his meteoric rise to becoming the top-tier rapper and businessman he’s known to be. The Brooklyn rapper from Marcy Projects has detailed having to do miscellaneous things to provide for his mother and siblings. Eventually, his love for music and innate gift took over, and Jay-Z began to figure it out in a major way.

According to a 2002 CBS News article, Jay-Z and his former business partner Damon Dash soon began selling the rapper’s music out of their car in the early 90s. This would be the beginning of the successful Roc-A-Fella Records.Shortly after developing the independent label, Jay-Z released his debut album, Reasonable Doubt. Although the album was widely acclaimed by fans and critics alike, it was somewhat of a slow burn in its sales. However, with iconic singles like “Aint No N***a” and “Can’t Knock The Hustle,” Reasonable Doubt eventually achieved platinum status.

The follow-up album started a wave of quicker success with Jay-Z’s music. In My Lifetime, Vol 1 was released in November 1997 with higher record sales in the first week and also shot to platinum. But his third album solidified that Jay-Z was not going anywhere anytime soon. Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life was released in 1998, and he began to experience the sales that most artists rival. His follow-up albums have all followed suit with platinum or multi-platinum status, and millions of copies sold.

Outside of music, Jay-Z has an incredible business mind. He’s had multiple partnerships with various corporations, including a previous collaboration with 50 Cent’s G-Unit and footwear company Reebok. That would only be the beginning of Jay’s foray into the fashion world. Eventually, Jay founded the clothing company Rocawear. According to 2007 a New York Times article, the famous fashion line brought in a whopping $700 million in sales per year. That year, the New York Times reports that Jay-Z successfully sold the company to the Iconix Brand Group for a high price tag of $204 million. 

The rapper has many other investments, from Tidal to the Brooklyn Nets, his 40/40 club, liquor, and more. And although Roc-A-Fella Records is no longer, Jay-Z established Roc Nation, which operates differently than his previous foray into the record label space.In June 2019, Jay-Z crossed another significant financial milestone. Forbes reported that the rapper was officially the first Hip-Hop artist to achieve billionaire status. With all that Mr. Carter has successfully dibbled and dabbled in, it was no surprise that he’d achieve this incredible accomplishment.

But that only opened the door for others, including family members, to try and get a piece of the pie. Jay-Z held a conversation with actor and comedian Kevin Hart where he spoke about a time he’d visited family, only to get bombarded by a cousin with a seemingly faulty business idea.The rapper explained that when he chooses to go and visit family, he’s seeking “solace,” not to potentially be accosted for a financial opportunity. “You’re going home for peace of mind,” said Jay-Z.

But he recalled a time being approached by a cousin in his grandmother’s living room, only to tell him about a play idea. Jay-z states that this cousin went on to request a sum of $4,800, and in return, he promised to make the rapper $2 million in profits.Jay-Z mentioned that he tried explaining to his cousin that life doesn’t necessarily work in that manner. “Money isn’t free,” the entertainer continued. “If it sounds too good to be true, it really [is].” But Jay-Z shared that instead of his cousin receiving the message, he took it as the rapper not believing in him. Check out their conversation here.

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