John Witherspoon’s Widow Still Struggling With His Loss Three Years Later: “Please Come Check On Me”

John Witherspoon is a beloved actor who left us too soon in 2019. The Friday and Boondocks star left behind a lasting legacy and a family that has been deeply missing him. His widow, Angela Robinson Witherspoon, recently took to Instagram to let fans know that she is still heavily in mourning of her late husband. Let’s take a look at their life together and the family they built. 

John Witherspoon was born in Detroit, MI. He was one of 11 siblings and, early on in life, got into music and played trumpet and french horn. His acting career got started in 1980 with the film The Jazz Singer. By 1988 he was in I’m Gonna Git You Sucka. Around that same time, he met his wife Angela and married her. They had two children, John David, and Alexander. Witherspoon was very close to David Letterman, who was the godfather to both of his boys. 

Angela is also an actress like her late husband and had roles in films like The Meteor Man, Soul Plane, 48 Hrs, and Jungle Warriors. She has also worked as a director, producer, and writer over the years. Her last few roles were spots on television series like Criminal Minds and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. 

Fans online were shocked when revisiting the film Soul Plane and realizing that the woman seated next to John Witherspoon was Angela. “When I found out John Witherspoon was sitting next to his REAL WIFE on Soul Plane … … #MovieBuff,” tweeted one person. 

Their son J.D. Witherspoon followed them into Hollywood. His Twitter bio read, “Actor | Stand Up Comic | VO | Writer | Host.” Back in October 2019 when his father passed away, he released a lengthy statement about the struggle he faced coming to terms with the loss. “So…my Dad died today & honestly, I’m not sure how to feel. I’m sad, but I’m also happy for all the great times we had together,” he said. He shared four photos of them together, including one where he hugged his Dad and another of them playing basketball. “I work as hard as I do thanks to seeing Him grind for literally 77 years of his life, and I’m damn proud to be his son,” he concluded. 

Back in October, Angela celebrated her husband’s life with a post saying, “Three years ago today @johnnywitherspoon …. Dropped the mike! I miss you … sweetheart…. But I’m ok today …. Asking for continued prayers for our children @jdwitherspoon , @trace.nova, and J.D.’s wife @pilarteaspoon …. they are missing you too…. I wish you were here to speak to them❤️❤️❤️”

She keeps pretty active on social media and has a strong support system of family and fans of her and her husband. She asked them to “check on” her in November after having a tough time. “I still miss your phone calls…. Talking to God …. Please come check on me 😌.”

People in the comments shared their love and support and uplifted her in her time of need. “Love Pops, man. Praying for you. Me and my daughter loved his cookin vids on YouTube 😢.”

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