Judge Joe Brown Isn’t A Fan Of Former Talk Show Host, Ellen DeGeneres, Makes Bold Claim About tWitch

Stephen “tWitch” Boss has been gone for almost a month, and people continue to discuss his passing. The bubbly television personality left a clear mark on viewers of the Ellen Show and was a bright spot in the show’s rocky final seasons. Judge Joe Brown recently weighed in on his passing and did not have many good things to say about Ellen. He believes she might be the reason tWitch was suffering in his final days.

Today, the family of tWitch laid him to rest in a private ceremony. They announced plans to host a larger one for fans and friends later, including Ellen and her staff. Ellen has been posting a lot about tWitch, including an emotional video montage where she celebrated his impact on her and the show in its final days. While the pair shared a warm embrace and seemed to be in good standing, Judge Joe Brown argues otherwise.

While interviewing with The Real Dana, Joe Brown went on a rant about how nasty Ellen was to work with. He revealed that she was inappropriate to female staffers, had a bad attitude, and was the worst person he ever had to work with. “They asked me to do her a favor so her show would not be canceled. I showed up, and that woman got in my face!” He saw she did not want him wearing his judge robe, so he stormed off. Joe says her team called back and admitted that she was obnoxious, but he opted not to return.

The interviewer was overwhelmed by Joe taking over the discussion and struggled to ask her question as he lamented about how much he disliked Ellen. “Ok, but that wasn’t why I brought it up!” Dana said. “I need you to stop interrupting me,” she demanded as Joe rambled about someone being endorsed by Ellen. “You hear the name Ellen, and you go haywire!” the woman said.

The woman tried to tell Joe Brown the story about tWitch but kept getting interrupted. When she revealed that the former Ellen DJ had ended his own life, Joe Brown said, “I can see why,” before trying to hijack the conversation again to lay into Ellen. Dana recounted the facts about tWitch’s final moments, including him leaving his wife and checking into a nearby hotel to take his life. Joe listened and said, “he worked with Ellen Degeneres. And that takes a lot. She kept the temperature at 80 degrees and didn’t allow air conditioning and got nasty at everybody there.”

Joe Brown speculated that tWitch might have gone crazy while working under Ellen. “Are you insinuating that this man did what he did because of her?” Dana asked. Joe said that anyone able to work around her would lose their mind. Joe asks the host to prove him wrong and says that tWitch made himself a spectacle by working with Ellen.

Dana says her only hope was to have a conversation about mental health and check in on family, but Joe wanted no part and continued to air out his grievances with Ellen.

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