Kandi Burruss Claims She May Be Rich, But She Still Wants Back Child Support From Riley Burruss’ Father

Kandi Burruss is highly successful, and that’s not up for debate. However, despite her success and achievements, she’s setting a standard for her daughter Riley’s father. He hasn’t been very present in her life. But, he’s now come forward with claims that he should not be responsible for Riley, but Kandi begs to differ.  Despite being worth millions, Kandi Burruss still wants him to pay up.


Kandi Burruss has been leading an iconic career since the early 90s. But one of her most outstanding achievements came via her firstborn daughter, Riley Burruss, in August 2002. She shares Riley with her former boyfriend, Russell “Block” Spencer. But, unfortunately, the father-daughter relationship that should have been has never come to life. As seen on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Riley has often discussed her father’s absence. For example, while she was gearing up for her studies at New York University, where she is currently enrolled, Burruss expressed to her mother and stepfather, Todd Tucker, her wishes for Block to finally provide some financial support.

Additionally, Kandi Burruss has also been outspoken on the absence of Block. In an interview with Bravo TV, she shared that his constant ins and outs have taken a toll on Riley. “It’s never been consistent communication or anything,” the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter said. If fans are wondering if things have gotten any better between Kandi Burruss, her daughter Riley, and the estranged Block, they have not. Riley Burruss provided an update while on Watch What Happens Live this past May, stating that she couldn’t remember “the last time [she] spoke to him.”

But Block took time to surface and speak on his relationship with his family. He talked to Vlad TV, expressing that he’d been placed on child support from Kandi Burruss and has no idea why because out of the two, she is the breadwinner.  

However, Kandi Burruss feels no remorse for doing so and wants Block to take care of his responsibilities. Taking to her Instagram Stories, she shared a meme expressing that despite her amount of success, she still “needs that money you owe me.” She further cautioned that he should not “BLOCK [his] blessings not doing right by [his] children.”

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