Kelvin Hunter Thanks His Mistress Sharina Hudson For Success Of Wendy Williams Show: “Yeah, I Said It”

Wendy Williams’ empire would not be possible without one man, her ex-husband Kevin Hunter. While Wendy is an undeniable talent in front of the camera, her husband Kevin kept the ship running for her for years behind the scenes as her manager and producer. Hunter helped protect Williams from a lot of her enemies, connected her to Charlamagne Tha God back in her radio heydey, and executive produced her wildly successful talk show. Unfortunately, he also had a huge hand in her demise.

While Hunter was known as a tyrant by staff and made work difficult for many, it was his affair that ultimately derailed the show. Williams, who already struggled from substance abuse and several illnesses, had a hard time bouncing back from the cheating scandal that resulted in a baby and her divorce. Her show only lasted one more year before Williams had to step away indefinitely due to physical and mental illness.

Kevin has moved on and is living happily with his mistress, a woman named Sharina Hudson. Kevin was introduced to Sharina through Charlamagne, and she was a primary reason why he pushed the Breakfast Club host away when Wendy’s career started to take off. The two live in Jersey now with their baby.

In a recent video, Hunter opened up about Wendy and the new treatment she is seeking after she appeared in several interviews dazed and incoherent. “She is getting the help that she needs. And hopefully, you know, she’ll come out of this swinging. I know she’s got it in her.” Hunter just celebrated his 51st birthday and wanted to share how he was doing. He shoutouts out Hudson and thanked her for holding him down after everything that had transpired over the years. “I could not do it without the greatest help of my queen, that’s representing me now, Sharina Hudson.”

In an odd move, he goes on to credit Hudson for some of the success of the Wendy Williams show as well. Kevin believes that “everyone is family” and that they all played a part in the series being what it was. “I mean the whole team, (and) that includes my current lady now because it takes a village, and I’m a say it, yeah I said it.” What are your thoughts on his claims?

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