Lamar Odom’s Girlfriend Daniiellè Alexis Speaks Out Over Backlash, Says She Has A Right To Be Here

Lamar Odom has been through a lot, but fans have recently been uplifting the star in light of new reports that he’s back off the market. Odom was posted online with Australian actress, model, and LGBTQIA+ activist Daniiellè Alexis. The trans influencer is getting some blowback, however, and decided to elicit the wise words of another trans trailblazer to express her feelings towards some of the negative feedback.

On August 7th, Daniiellè Alexis shared an image of herself and Odom smiling in a backseat. The caption read, “One of the most beautiful humans I’ve met. 🐑💕 “Comments under the post seemed to be mostly positive, with many happy to see Odom smiling and with a good woman after years of bad relationships and toxic splits. “You guys are amazing together!” said one supporter. “He is (amazing, and) he needs to know and believe it and own it!! This looks like he’s owning it!” said another. “Lamar looks amazing 😍 healthy and happy,” noted another person. While many speculated that their pair were dating, the photos did not imply much more than friendship or maybe their recently working together.

Alexis shared another post yesterday that made things a little more clear for followers. This time a slideshow, one photo shows her and Lamar cuddled closely together, while in the second, she is blowing him a kiss while he looks into the camera. “It’s always blessings from us 🙏🏽❤️ Lamar says hi this morning to everyone too #lamarodom #daniiellealexis.” Lamar is not tagged in the post and this time around, Alexis limited her comments and instead took to her story to let any haters know that she is unfazed.

Alexis shared a post from Octavia St Laurent, a ballroom staple famous from her participation in the ’90s documentary Paris Is Burning. Octavia did an interview where she discussed how the world is for her as well, and how people don’t want you “to know about her” because of her trans identify and lifestyle. Re-sharing the clip in her story, Alexis said in her caption, “My muse for the week,” alluding to her feelings towards people and their reaction to her dating Lamar. Lamar did share the picture of them in his story with the caption “no ordinary love,” a reference to the Sade song of the same name.

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