Late Bernie Mac Praised After Behind The Scenes Video From ‘Bernie Mac Show’ Goes Viral

Bernie Mac was a beloved actor and comedian. During his time alive, he starred in some iconic films like Friday, Bad Santa, The Players Club, Charlie’s Angels, and many, many more. Despite passing in 2008, his legacy continues to endure, especially in the social media era, where clips from his shows and stand-ups continue to go viral as new audiences discover him. The most recent clip shows Bernie Mac refusing to allow his ‘TV’ son to sit on his lap during promo shoot and fans are praising the late comedian.

Mac was most famous for The Kings of Comedy documentary. In it, he performed alongside Cedric The Entertainer, Steve Harvey, and DL Hugley. The men shared jokes about their lives and experiences, and Bernie was open about his dynamic family life and helping raise his sister’s kids. The joke was so well received that he was eventually offered a sitcom based around it called The Bernie Mac Show. The show ran for five seasons and was produced by Larry Wilmore. The series featured Bernie Mac and his wife Wanda raising his sister’s three kids: Jordan, Vanessa, and Bryana. It mirrored aspects of his real life, except in the series, he had no kids of his own, while in real life, Bernie did have one biological child.

A recent clip from a promo shoot for The Bernie Mac Show went viral and has a lot of people unpacking Hollywood dynamics when it comes to interactions with underaged actors. The TV Guide shoot was meant to pay homage to the ’70s black sitcom Good Times. Bernie and his television family were reenacting a photo, and during the shoot, one of the assistants tried to have cast member Jeremy Suarez sit on Bernie’s lap. Mac immediately refused and can be seen saying, “no, no,” as he positioned the boy next to him and instructed him to sit on the box crate and not on his lap.

The account that posted the clip shared it with the caption, “The agendas we see in Hollywood is not new. They have been trying to push this stuff on Black shows for a while. Here is an old behind-the-scenes clip of a promotional shoot for the Bernie Mac Show. They tried to get a teenage boy to sit on Bernie’s lap, and he shut that down.”

Many compared the clip to recent news about comedians Aries Spears and Tiffany Haddish. The two are in hot water right now after a set of siblings claim to have been groomed by the comics during some sketches they shot with them several years ago. While Haddish and Spears maintain their innocence, many are wondering if more strict boundaries between adult and child actors need to be set in place to avoid any kind of misleading interactions. One person tweeted, “Yesterday I saw a video where Bernie Mac didn’t want Jordan seated on his lap for a promo. Today I seen the Aries and Tiffany video. Cook them.”

In recent cases that have come out accusing the likes of R. Kelly and George Foreman of inappropriate behavior with children, the victims have stated that their interactions often started with sitting on their laps and quickly escalated.

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