Lizzo’s Ancestors Being Credited For Taking Down Aries Spears & Kevin Samuels After Disrespecting Singer

Fans are back for another edition of their “fan theories.” Comedian Aries Spears made mention of “About Damn Time” chart-topper Lizzo during a recent interview but in a very demeaning way. Just as well late social media personality Kevin Samuels consistently targeted the singer and women like her. Now that both are not in the greatest of situations, respectively, fans seem to believe that Lizzo is the queen behind the damned.

Throughout Lizzo’s career, she’s exuded immense positive energy from her music to her social media posts and brand. However, unfortunately, the singer has been subjected to many fatphobic statements and criticism due to her weight and appearance.  For instance, while Kevin Samuels was alive, he would use much of his rhetoric against Lizzo. The self-proclaimed fashion guru would lean on his beliefs of a “high-value man,” often using her as a punching bag by insulting her with claims that men with standards would find her undesirable. 

Kevin Samuels once mistook another model for Lizzo when a false Nike ad went viral in September of 2021. Posting on Instagram, Samuels took time to insult the singer, even calling for her to be canceled, according to HotNewHipHop. In an unsuspecting turn of events, Kevin Samuels passed away in May 2022. According to NBC News, his cause of death was revealed to be hypertension. While many shared condolences, most of social media seemed to share the belief that karma caught up to him.

More recently, Aries Spears joined the ranks of those that have disparaging things to say about Lizzo. The MAD tv comedian made headlines for stating that the singer looked like a “s**t emoji” and called her unappealing.   Rightfully, Aries Spears faced epic backlash on social media from Lizzo fans and celebrities, including fellow comedians. But in a swift turn of events, the comedian is now facing severe allegations involving misconduct with a minor.

The connection between both Aries Spears and Kevin Samuels when it comes to Lizzo has many believing that the singer is the cause of what’s happened to them. In addition, they claim that her ancestors are fighting from the beyond on behalf of the chart-topping artist. Click here to see an example of some fan theories on Twitter.

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