Master P Accused Of Being In Debt, Celebrities Are Speaking Out And Revealing How Much He Owes Them

Master P is having a rough couple of months. Since his son Romeo came out suggesting the rapper is broke and owes him money, it seems like the floodgates of debt have opened for Master P. Now more celebrities are coming out saying the exact same thing. Despite many celebrities sharing similar stories, Master P denies owing anyone.

Romeo took to social media to air out family business back in December. Romeo said his father used all of his earnings to handle tax issues. Romeo also claimed he never received one penny from his Rap Snacks deal. Master P denied all claims suggesting he has always taken care of his children and owes Romeo nothing. Eventually, the father-son duo reconciled their differences and took to the internet to let fans know they have settled their issues.

Jess Hilarious revealed on the Breakfast Club that Master P still owes her $15,000. The comedian stated she completed a skit for the businessman and mogul and was supposed to be paid. Master P responded to the claims suggesting Jess Hilarious was “being funny,” and it was a joke. He also stated he paid the comedian one check. However, Jess Hilarious says Master P is gaslighting the situation as her contract stated she would receive an upfront payment to shoot the project and the rest of her payment when the work is completed.

Music artist Fat Trel called out Master P during an interview on the ‘No Jumper’ podcast. According to the music artist, he worked with Master P on a Gucci Mane film and Master P’s “Al Capone’ album in 2013 and has yet to receive payment. Master P claims he only worked with Fat Trel and Alley Boy on an NWO project that was not for profit. Master P believes since the project didn’t make money, he doesn’t owe Fat Trel or Alley Boy anything.

In addition to being accused of owing a few celebrities, Master P has had issues with the IRS in the past. Back in 2018, it was reported the IRS accused the entrepreneur of owing $1.5 in back taxes.  According to reports, Master P owed $1,199,769.48 in taxes from 2004, $305,245.73 from 2005, and $4,447.50 in 2008. The grand total for the unpaid taxes comes to $1,509,462.71.

One person who seems to have Master P’s back is 50 Cent. The rapper spoke about people accusing Master P of owing them money, suggesting he’s never heard anything terrible about Master P while calling him a ‘good dude.’  Master P helped 50 Cent back in the day before he blew up and paid for his first tour.

Master P responded to the allegations of him owing people by stating there should be a statue of limitations of how long someone can mention his name. Master P denies all claims.

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