Mike Tyson’s Love Life Explained – From Marrying Robin Givens To Trying To Keep Remy Ma At His Home

Mike Tyson’s life is getting a fresh look thanks to the Hulu docuseries Mike. In it, a lot of his glory days are explored through creative storytelling and compelling cinematography. While elements of his professional career and legal woes are on full display, so too are his relationships. Mike was a ladies’ man, sometimes even when the woman did not want him. Stories of the outrageous things he used to do to court women have been public for years, but he just recently unveiled the lengths he tried to go to get rapper Remy Ma back in the day.

Episode three of the Hulu series covered Mike’s most famous relationship, the one with model, actress, and television personality Robin Givens. Mike was already a Heavy Weight champion when he met the aspiring actress. They dated for a year in 1987 before getting married in 1988. Unfortunately, things ended the following year on Valentine’s Day. Givens has gone on record saying her relationship with Mike Tyson was “like hell.” Givens said he had a scary temper, and she was often concerned for her life. Mike fired back, saying that Robin tried to steal from him. Robin would eventually be granted a restraining order against him and filed a $125 million lawsuit, claiming that he had caused her to lose work because of the terrible things he was saying about her in the media.

Following their split, Mike would then date model Naomi Campbell. Mike and Naomi had a tumultuous first meeting. Mike has a pension for hitting on people who are not looking to be pursued and was reportedly trying to run game on Campbell in 1987 during a party hosted by underwear designer Fernando Sanchez. Philosopher A.J. Ayer overheard noise coming from a bedroom and walked in to find Campbell being harassed by the boxer.

Mike eventually left after A.J reasoned with him, but he and Campbell would eventually become an item in the early ’90s. His former manager Rory Holloway talked about his shock when he walked in on Mike and Naomi getting cozy years later in his book “Taming the Beast: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson.” Holloway says that in those days, he was mostly a babysitter for Tyson but was shocked when he saw that his boss was able to pull Campbell. He described her as the most exciting woman of the time and eventually had to pull Mike out of the room.

Recently, Mike Tyson sat down to talk with Fat Joe and Angie Martinez on his podcast HotBoxin’. At the insistence of Mike, Fat Joe recalled a story of the time he was invited to a party at Tyson’s home and brought his friend and frequent collaborator Remy Ma. Mike greeted them at the door naked, and according to Joe, there were naked women in every room. Mike had his eyes set on the “Lean Back” hitmaker and was willing to pay whatever cost for the future Mrs. Papoose. Mike recalls offering Remy $500k and a brand new car if she would spend the night with him. Fat Joe says he could not let that happen and turned down the offer on his “sister’s” behalf. Check out the full clip below.

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