Natalie Nunn Victorious In Boxing Match Against Tommie Lee Leaves Reality Star Dazed

The long-awaited boxing match between reality stars Tommie Lee and Natalie Nunn occurred earlier today as the undercard for Floyd Mayweather’s match against Adam Chalmers. The match aired on Zeus for viewers willing to pay $30. While many people had money on Tommie Lee, Natalie Nunn showed up ready to battle.

Going into the match, Tommie Lee and Natalie Nunn had some unfinished business as the two had been taking shots at each other throughout the week following an incident at Chris Brown’s concert. As many of you know, Tommie Lee was accused of attempting to knock down a door backstage where Chris Brown’s son and baby mother were located. Her actions resulted in Natalie Nunn and a couple of her friends defending themselves against three men.

Instead of attempting to clear the air, Tommie took to social media to attack Chris Brown’s family even further. In a rant, Tommie said “F” Chris Brown’s 3-year-old son and his daddy. The reality then said the kid looked like an albino. Tommie’s actions were met with much backlash from Chris Brown fans online. Natalie Nunn immediately issued an apology to Chris Brown and his family.

With all that occurred in London, Natalie Nunn made it clear she would seek revenge during their boxing match and she did just that. Days before the match, Natalie Nunn and Tommie had a run-in when things got physical between the two women. Tommie smacked Natalie Nunn and pulled her wig off her head.

Video from the match has surfaced showing Tommie Lee being ‘rocked’ by Natalie Nunn. At one point, the reality star could not stand up and eventually hit the mat. Natalie Nunn was determined the winner. Twitter got a kick out of the boxing match. Many suggested Tommie Lee had taken some substance before the event. “Zeus done finessed tf out of everyone who paid $30 for the Natalie and tommie fight,” one user stated.

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