Actress Nia Long Needs All The Support She Can Get As She Process News Of Ime Udoka’s Infidelities

Nia Long is speaking out during this rough period. The Best Man actress has recently been propelled into the limelight, but not for the best reasons. With the allegations of infidelity surrounding her fiancee’, Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka, she’s now asking for all the love and support anyone can give. Since the news broke, social media has come together to send well wishes and praises to Nia Long, while destroying her fiance in the process.

Multiple news outlets reported on Ime Udoka having an “inappropriate” yet “consensual” relationship with a female employee within the organization’s staff. Upon catching wind of the news, social media erupted with shock, utter horror, and, most of all, concern for Nia Long. But recent developments might just send fans even more over the edge. According to TMZ, Nia Long and her son, whom she shares with Ime Udoka, uprooted their lives and relocated to Boston. They were also in the process of searching for a new home to purchase in the area. However, the actress was reportedly unaware of her fiancee’s affair and found out days before it went public.  

Now, Nia Long is soliciting “all the support she can get,” tweets TMZ. And support, she’s definitely been receiving. Many fans on social media have been extending their thoughts and prayers her way, which haven’t gone unnoticed by the actress. According to a statement provided to CNN, she expressed sincere gratitude and appreciation for the “outpouring of love and support” she’d been receiving. Additionally, she requested for her “privacy be respected” as she deals with the unfortunate events and places her “focus on [her] children.”

Besides fans dishing out their support, Nia Long also received love from various major brands and celebrities. Essence Magazine dedicated an Instagram Story in tribute to the acclaimed actress. Van Lathan tweeted, “Nia Long has [a] 100% approval rating with Black America, and Ime Udoka is about to understand that.” Judging by the majority of the reactions placed on social media, he was correct. Media personality and journalist Scottie Beam tweeted, “Cheating on Nia Long is crazy.” Another example is Emmy-nominated television personality Nina Parker who wrote, “Cheating on Nia Long? End of days has to be upon us. Because ain’t NO WAY.”

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