Nia Long’s Ex-Fiance’ Ime Udoka’s Karma Continues, Lost His Family, Now He’s Unemployed and Seeking Employment After Celtics Hires Permanent Coach

Nia Long may be back and busier than ever, but ex-fianće Ime Udoka is not so lucky. While his former lady is enjoying a Hollywood resurgence and rumors of relationships with much younger guys, Ime is out of a job officially.

Ime Udoka’s infidelity was announced last fall. His former employer, the Boston Celtics, opted to go public with the story about Ime having an affair with a female staffer. At the time, they announced plans to suspend him for the year, with many assuming he would probably not be rehired. Nia Long has been open about how upset she was with the Celtics going public with this information and not giving her family time to process it.

Rumors began to circulate towards the tail end of 2022 that Ime might have a new gig with the New York Nets, but that quickly fizzled out as the team dealt with the fallout from Kyrie Irving’s tweets. Eventually, all news on Ime’s career future went silent. This week it was revealed that his former team, The Boston Celtics, has officially hired someone new. Joe Mazzulla has been hired as their permanent head coach, replacing Ime. Sports Illustrated confirms that Udoka is completely out of a job and not employed “in any capacity” by the Celtics.

According to the initial tweet, all hope is not lost for Ime. “It’s expected that Udoka will be a strong candidate this summer for any head coaching jobs that open up,” but fans in the comments think that is unlikely.

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