Patrick Clark Jr. Secures $1 Million Bond, despite GoFundMe Campaign Being Taken Down

Patrick Clark Jr. is the man charged with the passing of rapper TakeOff. The Texas native has maintained his innocence and campaigned for help from the public in clearing his name. It appears Clark was able to post bail and is currently out and trying to do just that.

Patrick Clark Jr. was taken into HPD custody over a month after TakeOff’s passing. Clark allegedly let off several f during a dice game melee in the early hours of November 1st, with one of them hitting the rapper. Clark reportedly fled the scene from there, disposed of the weapon, and spent the next month in hiding and trying to flee the country. When HPD found him, he had a large bag of cash, a ticket to Mexico, and was awaiting an expedited passport. 

While in custody, Clark alleged he was being framed and had supporters set up a Go Fund Me in his name. Despite raising $900 in support, the fundraiser was eventually taken down. Clark would lobby the courts and ask for help hiring a private investigator and getting his bond lowered. They approved the money to help him get a P.I and brought his $2 million bond down to $1 million on December 14th. His team argued the original amount was “excessive and unconstitutional” and that he and his family could not “afford to come up with 10 percent of the bail amount, which is required to post bond.”

Once it was lower, someone on Clark’s end was able to secure the money and bailed him out. He was released on Wednesday, January 4th. Sources in Houston can confirm that neither Clark nor his family actually posted the bond. Instead, it was a “concerned citizen” and family friend who believed Clark was innocent. 

While he was initially deemed a flight risk due to his pending passport application at the time of his arrest, it’s reported that Clark did surrender the document to authorities, so he can’t flee the country. In addition to this, he also agreed to don a GPS monitor for house arrest, according to TMZ. Many people have spoken up for the local DJ, saying they believe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time but not the shooter. “You could see by the reactions of everyone that we’re shocked because that’s not the type of person [Clark] is. He was about business, not violence.,” said one friend. 

People are still very curious about how he got the money and took to social media with their speculations. Some believe he was bailed out due to fear that someone was going to harm him. “They bailed him out. He about to get knocked off. Case closed … #Thecleanupcrew,” said one person. Another one said, “That’s because it was a hit .. y’all know what industry this is 🙄,” under a post about his bail. 

Others feel he should not be allowed bail, and argue that him being let out is a slap in the face to TakeOff’s family. Clark’s next court appearance is scheduled for March 9.

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