Pop Singer Rihanna’s History With Crazed Fans Throughout The Years Explored

Rihanna was rumored to be moving out of the country last year after the arrival of her first child. However, The Super Bowl, The Oscars, and her massive fashion and make-up empire have kept her stateside. Despite a very public relationship with rapper A$AP Rocky, a man recently tried to win Rihanna’s hand in marriage by traveling cross country to her Los Angeles home.

TMZ says that police swarmed Rihanna’s LA estate after a South Carolina man walked right up to her home earlier today looking to propose. Dressed in a red Nike hoodie and black pants, the man was immediately apprehended by authorities. Photos show the man looking upset and confused as police carried him away. Despite scaring Rihanna’s team, he was let go after it was determined that he had not broken any rules.

Fans in the comments expressed their concerns for Rihanna. “Man really woke up and said you know what? I’m gonna go propose to Rihanna today,” joked one person. “Don’t see how any of it is funny, but okay,” said another one. “With asap a kid and pregnant! I need this man’s self-esteem,” commented someone else. Many fans were thankful the individual was caught before anything could have possibly went wrong for the pop singer.

It is not the first time Rihanna has had an obsessed fan. In 2018 another man was found, this time INSIDE her home. Eduardo Leon was taken into custody after it was discovered that he had been inside of her home for at least a day. He told law enforcement he had planned on being intimate with Rihanna. Luckily the “Rude Boy” hitmaker was not in town. Eduardo was asked to participate in a program for people “with mental health and/or substance use disorders, including persons who are homeless.”

Rihanna has not released a statement. The pregnant pop star seems keen to enjoy her growing family and has revealed plans in the past to move her kids to Barbados to grow up. She has a massive estate there that she has been prepping for years. Rihanna and A$AP both have roots in Barbados as well and are probably even more eager to leave now after this mess.

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